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H&K P30S

After H&K introduced the P30 model handgun to the market in 2006, they began offering the P30S model the following year (2007). The P30S version is identical to the standard P30 with the S model featuring an optional ambi external safety. Any of the H&K P30 versions with an “S” designation mean they are equipped with the optional safety, and those model currently include the:

  • H&K P30S
  • H&K P30LS
  • H&K P30SK

H&K P30S HolsterLike most all the P30 variants, the P30S version is also available in various trigger configurations as well. The different trigger variants can be seen here.

Here are some frequently asked questions or concerns that we see involving holsters for the P30S:

#1 – Since I have the P30S model, do I need a special holster for it?

Even though the dimensions are exactly the same as the standard P30, the safety on the S models can be an issue if used with a holster made for the standard P30. The safety seems to either disengage during the holstering or snag on the holster during holstering. Due to this, the P30S model seems to perform best when used with a holster specifically made for this variation.

#2 – I have a P30S with a Streamlight TLR-3. Do you offer a holster to fit this pistol/laser configuration?

Luckily, we can help as MTR supports holsters for a large variety of weapons carrying the more mainstream lights and/or lasers. To see what laser or light options are currently available, have a look at the dropdown menu on each MTR holster page labeled “Please Choose a Light or Laser”.

#3 – Do you offer any holsters with a thumb break or retention strap for the P30S?

Yes, MTR offers an optional thumb break that can be added to most any holster model that will fit the P30S.

#4 – I really like the Don Hume brand of holsters, but I don’t see any Don Hume holsters listed to fit the P30S?

Unfortunately, Don Hume isn’t currently offering any holster models to fit the P30S (or any of the P30 line for that matter).

Any of the holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the H&K P30S.

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