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The H&K VP9 pistol was introduced by H&K in 2014, and was designed to be a more budget friendly striker fired version of the popular H&K P30. The “VP” designation in the name loosely is short for “Volkspistole” and it loosely translates to “people’s pistol”. This vernacular comes from the WWII (1940’s) era when Germany was running low on weapons and German engineers were asked with designing a less expensive, but effective handgun that could be quickly mass produced.

While the Volskpistole concept never really materialized during that time period, it did give rise to a conceptual pistol for one H&K design engineer, who wanted to incorporate a polymer compound as a frame material to reduce costs and weight. That pistol debuted in 1970, and was called the VP70.

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The VP9 has characteristics and features from a number of other H&K pistol models, including the VP70, UPS series, P7 series, and the P30 series. In many respects, the VP9 is closest to the P30 model as a P30 mag will also work in a VP9 and vice-versa. Many in the shooting industry consider the VP9 to be a striker fired version of the H&K P30.

According to H&K literature, the VP9 is the 3rd striker fired pistol offered by H&K, and their first striker fired model since the P7 series from the 1980’s. The VP9 features an ambi slide release, ambi mag release (a paddle release located on the trigger guard), and a true 1913 MIL-STD picatinny rail. Like its P30 cousin, the VP9 also offers interchangeable side panels and backstraps which makes the grips adjustable for various shooter preferences. The trigger on the VP9 gets very high marks for being well designed, on the lighter side (as striker fired triggers go), and easy to manipulate.

The VP9 is currently offered in 6 US versions, including 2 LE variants that come with 15 round or 10 round magazines for restrictive states. In 2016, H&K added a FDE version to the VP9 lineup as well. The European version of the VP9 is called the H&K SFP9 and is offered in 2 models.

From a holster perspective, we carry the following holster styles and models for the VP9:

  • IWB or inside the waistband
  • OWB or outside the waistband
  • Paddle holsters
  • AIWB or appendix holsters

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the VP9:

Will a VP9 fit a holster made for the HK P30?

While the VP9 and P30 are very similar in design and size, they will not fit in the same holster very well. The VP9 requires it’s own fit to optimal performance.

What do you recommend as a good OWB holster for a VP9?

Our top selling OWB holster models for that pistol are these:

MTR Custom Slim-line Deluxe Pancake Holster

MTR Custom Full-Size Deluxe Quicksnap Belt Holster

MTR Custom Belt Scabbard Holster

I'm looking for a kydex inside the waistband holster for my VP9. Do you have anything that might work?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any kydex holster options. All we carry are leather holster options.

What about an HK VP9 holster with light? I have a VP9 with a Streamlight TLR-4.

Yes, MTR Custom offers holsters for the VP9 and can accommodate a number of popular laser or weapon lights, including the TLR-4. Have a look at the laser/light options dropdown box on any of the MTR holsters seen below to get an idea which lasers or lights they can fit.

I know the VP9 isn’t a small gun, but I’m interested in an IWB holster for it. What so you recommend?

While we would agree that it’s not a small weapon, your best bet that we can offer for an HK VP9 IWB holster would be the MTR Custom Slimline Tuckable IWB holster. It’s probably our best option for trying to conceal a larger handgun IWB.

Do you offer any magazine carriers for the VP9?

Yes, MTR offers a full line of magazine carrier and mag pouch options for the VP9, and those can be seen here:


Do you have any HK VP40 holsters?

Yes, any holster made for the VP9 will also fit the VP40. The VP40 is also listed on our fit chart for most all the MTR Custom holsters.

Does Don Hume offer any HK VP9 holsters?

Unfortunately, at this time, they do not offer any holsters for the H&K VP9.

Can you direct me to your holsters for the HK VP9?

Any of the holster models or styles listed at the bottom of this page are available in a version made for the H&K VP9.

I have one of the newer H&K VP9SK models, which is the compact version of the VP9. I hate to put it in a holster made for the larger VP9. Do you offer any holsters made specifically for the smaller VP9SK?

Yes, and you can see all those holsters by following this link: H&K VP9SK holsters.

Can you point me to a shoulder holster for the H&K VP9 handgun?

While we do carry some shoulder holster models, we do not currently offer any that are available to fit the VP9.

Any gun holster listed below is offered in an HK VP9 holster version.

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