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H&K P30L

When the P30 was originally introduced in 2006, it was really marketed to law enforcement agencies across the world as modernized polymer duty weapon that was easy to operate, accurate, and extremely reliable. For the most part, the P30 was successful on all counts and was adopted for use by a number of law enforcement and military organizations worldwide.

hk p30l holster Options for Concealed Carry

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However, in 2007, the Norwegian Police started looking at handgun models to replace their aging S&W revolvers, and became smitten with the P30. The only sticking point: the while the P30 is considered a “fullsize” handgun, the Norwegian Police really wanted it with a longer barrel since these guns would deployed among their uniformed division so there were concealment concerns. H&K responded by introducing the P30L model in 2008. This model is identical to the regular P30 except it has a barrel and slide that is about ½ inch longer. H&K also opted to release the P30L model to the public in 2009.

Aside from the increased barrel length, most everything else is the same on the P30L as compared to the standard P30. Rather than re-write all those P30 features here, feel free to go to this page to read more on the basic P30 features, options, and different trigger variations: https://www.gunnersalley.com/h-k-p30-holsters.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the P30L.

Since the P30L is longer, I know it won’t fit a holster made for the standard P30. Do you offer any H&K P30L holster models?

Yes. Any of the holster models listed down below are available in a version to fit the P30L.

Can an HK45 holster be used for an HK P30L?

While the P30L and the HK45 pistols share a number of similar features, they are not the same size dimensionally. Because of that, the P30L will not fit into a holster made specifically for the the HK45.

I have the P30LS model which has the ambi safety. I’ve heard the models with a safety require a special holster to accommodate the safety lever or it sometimes get deactivated as the weapon is draw or holstered?

Unfortunately, this can be the case sometimes if the holster is made for the non-safety (regular P30L) version of the P30L. Luckily, we can help as any of the holster models listed down below are also available for the P30LS version

Can you point me towards a HK p30l holster with light?


Most any of the holster models featured at the bottom of this page can be manufactured to fit an H&K P30L with a light mounted. However, it will depend on the specific light brand and model.

Currently, the more popular tactical light brands and models are supported. Check out the drop-down menu of available models under the "lights & Lasers" drop-down menu for each holster.

Do carry a HK P30L duty holster?

We do not officially carry a holster brand that offers a duty holster made for the H&K P30L. About the best we could offer would be a belt holster with an added thumb break, which would meet the requirements for a Level 1 holster.

Any of the holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the H&K P30L handgun.

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