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HK P7M13

The H&K P7M13 is basically a higher capacity version of the H&K P7M8 series. When the P7M8 series was first introduced, the 8 round capacity was considered a little bit too low for adoption by US law enforcement. In an effort to gain a foothold in the US law enforcement market and have an eligible entry in the US military pistol trials, H&K introduced the P7M8 model in 1982. The “M” designation in the model is short for “Magazinkapazität”, which is the German word for magazine.

While the M8 series didn’t win the military pistol trial of 1984 (that honor went to the Beretta M9), the larger, double stack 13 round 9mm magazine did offer a better option for law enforcement as some departments did adopt the P7M13 as a duty weapon. H&K did an excellent job of marketing the M13 to the US law enforcement market in the mid 1980’s, and they were successful as a number of departments opted to go with the M13 variant.

Amongst the general public, the P7M13 wasn’t as successful as the P7M8 model so production on the P7M13 series was discontinued at H&K in 2000. Since the M13 models weren’t produced as long as the M8 variants, and there aren’t as many in circulation, the P7M13 has developed quite a following among H&K and P7 collectors.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the P7M13:

#1 – Will the M13 model fit a holster made for the P7M8 or does it require its own holster?

Since the only real changes in the M13 model are the larger double stack magazine, a holster made for the M8 version will also fit an M13 model.

#2 – Will a magazine carrier for the H&K P7M8 also fit mags for the M13 model?

No, they won’t because the M13 uses a double stack magazine and the M8 is a single stack magazine. As such, the M13 mags won’t fit a mag carrier made for the M8 mags.

#3 – I’ve read that the grip cocker set-up on the P7M8 model can make it grip heavy. Is the M13 version the same?

Since the M13 is a higher capacity magazine, the grip area on a loaded P7M13 will weigh more than the grip area on a loaded P7M8 pistol. Are they “grip heavy”? The answer is really subjective and depends on who you ask. I don’t find them to be overly heavy in the grip area, but some do.

#4 – Does the P7M13 have a European style magazine release or the more common US based magazine release button?

The “European” style magazine release refers to the heel release that is built into the end of the grip, but the M13 model has the US based magazine release button on the frame.

Any of the holsters listed below are available in a version to fit the H&K P7M13.

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