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Kahr P380 with Crimson Trace LaserGuard

Introduced in January of 2009, the Kahr P380 was Kahr’s first pistol chambered in .380. Given the success of this “pocket gun”, it was only a matter of time until a laser option was available. In late 2009, Crimson Trace was the first laser brand to jump on the P380 band wagon, and offer a laser module to fit this pistol.


This proved to be a very successful for Crimson Trace and Kahr began offering the Crimson Trace laser as a factory option. Although Kahr stopped offering this as a factory option in March of 2015, Crimson Trace still offers a laser model for both the P380 and the CW380 versions.

Here are some commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the Kahr P380 or CW380 with a Crimson Trace laser:

#1 – I have the P380 with the factory Crimson Trace laser, but I’m having trouble finding a holster to fit this pistol. Do you have anything that works?

Yes, any holster listed or displayed below is available in a version to fit the P380 wearing a Crimson trace laser.

#2 – I see that Don Hume offers holsters for the standard P380, but I don’t see any Don Hume holsters for the P380 with CT laser?

That is correct. While Don Hume does offer holsters to fit the standard P380 or CW380, they don’t offer anything to fit a P380 or CW380 with a Crimson Trace laser.

#3 – I see that you offer holsters specifically marked to fit the P380 with a laser but what about the CW380 with a laser?

Since the P380 and the CW380 are the exact same size, a holster made for the Kahr P380 with CT laser will also fit a CW380 with CT laser.

#4 – I’ve heard that some holsters designed to fit the P380 with a laser have an issue that causes the laser to be activated while it’s holstered? Do any of the holsters that you offer for this model have that issue?

Not that we are aware of. A few of our staff owns the P380 with a CT laser and carry it in one of the holster models shown below and none have had any issues with the inadvertent laser activation that you mentioned.

Any of the holster models shown below are available in a version to fit the Kahr P380 or CW380 with a Crimson Trace laser attached.

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