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Kahr P45 CW45

The Kahr P45 handgun model is a compact model made by the American small arms company Kahr Arms. This gun is a .45 ACP caliber pistol with a 6 plus 1 bullet capacity with no magazine disconnect. 

It’s a trigger cocking double action only (DAO) hammerless gun with a lock breech, "Browning - type" recoil lug and a passive striker block. It is 6.07 inches in length with 3.54 inches, polygonal rifling barrel and a slide width of 1.01 inches. It has a height of 4.8 inches and it weighs 0.524 kilograms.

The grip is made of textured polymer and its finish is a black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide. It has a drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sight with an option of tritium night sights. The guns grip is about 15 percent smaller in circumference and 21 percent thinner. This design allows shooters with smaller hands and short fingers to manipulate it with ease.

The gun normally comes in comes in two different styles; an all-matte black and a black frame with a stainless slide.

The gun was first manufactured in 1994 when they were initially made entirely of carbon steel. The gun is designed around the cartridge to be as slim and trim as possible. It has also been designed with internal safeties incorporated so as to make it absolutely safe to carry with a round chambered and to prevent accidental firing should it be dropped.

The magazine of the Kahr P45 is equipped with extended removable base pads. These pads allow for access to the magazine’s internals for easy inspection and cleaning. The magazine release button is located at the rear of its trigger guard on the left side. 

In 2011, Kahr released the CW45 model, which is a more budget friendly version of the P45 minus some of the features. The CW45 is the exact same size as the P45 series, so they will both fit in a holster designed for the P45.

Holsters listed below are offered in a version to fit the Kahr P45 and CW45 pistol models.

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