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Kel Tec P11

First available in 1991, the Kel-Tec P-11 was designed for the CCW and self defense crowd. Designed by Swedish firearms designer, George Kellgren for Kel-Tec, the P11 was one of the first single stack 9mm weapons to use an aluminum receiver mated to a polymer housing. The result was a very lightweight handgun (about 14 ounces unloaded) for the time period.

The success of the P-11 in 9mm led Kel-Tec to test the waters by offering a version in .40 S&W and in .357 Sig. Both the .40 caliber version (called the P-40) and the .357 Sig version (called the P-357) didn’t catch on as well as the P-11 due to shootability and quality control issues. Both models were discontinued after only 2 years of production.

The P-11 uses a single stack magazine that carries 10 rounds and there is an extended aftermarket magazine that will hold 12 rounds. Like many pistol models in the sub-$300 range, over the years, the P-11 has experienced quality control issues, recalls, and frequent complaints about having to be returned for service or repair. That being said, it was a very popular seller for Kel-Tec for many years.

Once the newer PF-9 series from Kel-Tec entered the market, popularity for the P-11 began to wane, although there are several thousand of P-11 models still in circulation.

Holsters listed on this page are available in a version to fit the Kel-Tec P-11 handgun.

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