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Kimber Micro 380

Over the last few years, there has been a significant resurgence in micro single action .380 pistols. This was kicked off with the reintroduction of the Colt Mustang, followed by the booming success of the Sig P238. For hardcore 1911 shooters, the idea of a miniature .380 that operates like a 1911 has always been intriguing for those scenarios where one can’t carry a true 1911.


In 2013, Kimber announced they were going to enter that market with the Micro Carry .380, and, in 2014 released the Micro Carry and the Micro Carry CDP to the market. The Micro Carry models are shipped with a 6 round flush fitting magazine and a 7 round extended magazine. Unloaded, the Micro weighs in at a scant 13.5 ounces.

After seeing the success that Sig had with the large number of variant models in the P238 line, Kimber elected to take the same path. In 2015, Kimber added 4 more variants to the Micro Carry line including:

  • Micro Carry Crimson Carry – Equipped with CT grips
  • Micro Advocate – Equipped with G10 grips
  • Micro Raptor - All black finish
  • Micro Special Edition – Blued slide with engraving

Unlike the ammo finicky issues encountered with the Kimber Solo, the Micro Carry seems to eat most ammo brands universally well. While the Micro isn’t the lightest .380 on the market, range reports indicate that it’s relatively pleasant to shoot and control.

Here are some common questions that we’ve seen so far regarding the Micro Carry series:

#1 – Although they aren’t exactly the same size, will the Micro Carry fit a holster for the Kimber Solo?

Unfortunately, it won’t as the Micro is significantly smaller than the Solo.

#2 – I’ve got the Micro Carry Advocate model, but I don’t see a holster on your site listed specifically for that model?

All the Micro Carry models are built on the same frame so we just list the Micro Carry as one entry in the holster model dropdown menus. Any holster for the Micro Carry will fit any of the Micro Carry variants. The only Micro Carry variant that might have a fit issue would be the Crimson Carry version as the CT laser sometimes interfere with certain holster styles.

#3 – Can you recommend a pocket holster for the Micro Carry?

In our experience, single action guns (no matter how small) carried in the cocked and locked position don’t make very good pocket guns. We do carry the MTR Front pocket holster, which is offered in a version for the Micro.

#4 - I have the Kimber Micro 9 model. Will a holster for the Micro 380 also fit a Micro 9?

Although very similar in size, the Micro 9 is actually larger so it won't fit in a holster made for a Micro 380. If you are shopping for a holster for the Kimber Micro 9, follow this link: Kimber Micro 9 holsters.

All the holsters listed below are available in a version to fit the Micro .380 and most all variants.

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