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Kimber Solo CDP

When the Kimber Solo was released in 2011, fans immediately started inquiring about the possibility of adding Crimson Trace laser grips to the model, much like Crimson Trace offers for the Kimber 1911 series. In 2012, those requests became a reality when Kimber introduced the Solo CDP model.


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The CDP stands for “Custom Defense Package” and this option pretty follows the same features that Kimber uses on the 1911 CDP packages. The most obvious feature on this package is the carry meld process where Kimber softens up all the edges on the gun to make is more CCW friendly and less likely to snag on clothing.

Aside from the CDP package and the addition of the Crimson Trace lasergrips, the CDP models features all the standard bells and whistles of a basic Solo. The CT grips are offered in a very nice looking rosewood color and the laser pressure activation switch is located on the front strap of the grip (just like the 1911 CDP CT models).

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding holsters for the Solo CDP:

#1 – Do I have to get a special holster for the CDP version since it has laser grips?

For the most part, it looks as though the Solo CDP will fit most holsters made for the standard Solo. The one exception to this rule seems to be holster models with a thumb break. The location of the laser module on the grip can add some additional space to this area so a holster with a thumb break (retention strap) may not be long enough so the thumb break can snap closed. In those situations, you are better off making sure you get a holster specifically made for the Solo CDP with CT.

#2 – I see you offer holsters for the Solo CDP model, but I have a concern that your holsters will accidentally activate the laser and run the battery down?

Fair question – The position of the laser activation pad on the front grip strap area puts it in a location that doesn’t come into contact with the holster. As such accidental activation really isn’t an issue.

#3 – I have a Kimber Mico Carry 380 and I’ve heard that a holster for the Solo will fit the Micro Carry as well? Is that right?

Unfortunately, it’s not. While the Micro Carry is a similar design and looks similar to the Solo when compared side by side, the Micro is much smaller and has completely different dimensions. Because of this, a Micro won’t fit in a Solo holster and Solo won’t fit in a Micro holster. If you are shopping for a Kimber Micro holster, we have some here.

#4 – I’ve also seen information in different forums that a Solo will fit in a holster made for a 3” 1911? Is that true?

In our experience, not at all. The Solo is smaller and has completely different specs compared to a Colt 1911 3” so there are far better holster options on the market for a Solo.

#4 – I was looking for a Don Hume holster for my Kimber Solo, but don’t see any on your website?

At this point, Don Hume isn’t officially offering any holster models for the Kimber Solo.

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