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Kimber Solo

The Kimber Solo entered into the firearms market in 2011 and was designed as Kimber’s first single action; striker fired “micro compact” 9mm for self-defense and concealed carry. Unlike most other micro 9mm pistols on the market, the Solo’s frame is manufactured from aluminum versus polymer. Even with the all metal frame and slide, the Solo weighs a scant 17 ounces or so unloaded.



Given Kimber’s reputation for quality, the Solo was marketed with high hopes. Not only did Kimber want to get into the growing micro compact market, but they also wanted something that looked and pointed like any of their popular 1911 line.

Unfortunately, the first series of Solo’s were met with complaints of failure to fire (commonly called FTF’s), failure to eject (commonly called FTE’s), and a reputation for being extremely finicky with ammo. In fact Kimber suggests that only premium quality ammo of 124 grains or more for optimum performance. Range reports also indicated a somewhat long, but smooth, trigger pull and very snappy recoil. Given that first impressions can make or break a new gun model, the Solo hasn’t been as well received as Kimber hoped.

In reading various data about the Solo, it’s important to remember what this pistol was really designed for: concealed carry and self-defense. Most smaller pistols chambered in 9mm are snappy, but that’s related to overall size and weight compared to cartridge. However, the Solo does have its fans and many report near flawless performance along with excellent accuracy.

The size and width of the Solo make it an ideal choice for concealed carry and it seems to perform very well carried in the various IWB positions. Outside the waistband is another excellent option, given the Solo’s short 2.7” barrel. Not every mainstream holster maker manufacturers a holster model to fit the the Solo, so, in some cases, holsters can be a challenge to find.

Any and all of the gun holster models shown below are made in a version to fit the Solo.

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