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Pony .380 Holsters

The success of the other Colt pocket pistols (Government .380, Mustang, and Mustang Pocketlite), led Colt to create a double action only pocket gun called the Colt Pony .380 in the late 1990’s. Like the Mustang series, Colt followed-up with a lighter alloy version called the Pony Pocketlite 2 years later. The Pony differs from all the other Colt .380 designs in that it's a double action only, versus the single action of the other models.

The Pony had a reputation for issues with the stock magazine springs and a heavy, gritty trigger pull.The Colt Pony versions did see some success, but the entire line of pocket models was discontinued by Colt in 2000.

As such, there aren't many gun holster makers who still offer holster models for the Pony. Contrary to rumors, the Pony won't correctly fit in a Sig P938 holster, which is close in size. Holsters listed below are produced in a version to fit the Pony .380 series.

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