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Introduced in 1955, the Colt Python is also sometimes referred to as the Colt Combat Magnum. Designed to compete directly with the S&W large frame series of revolvers, the Python targeted the premium revolver market. The Python was originally available in 2 finishes (Royal Blue or Bright Nickel) but the Bright Nickel finish was discontinued in favor of a stain stainless steel finish. The Python series of revolvers was available in the following barrel lengths:

  • 2.5”
  • 3” (hard to find)
  • 4”
  • 6”
  • 8”

Many firearms historians claim the Python was the finest production revolver that was ever marketed. Colt discontinued production of the Python in 1999 and the Colt Custom Shop stopped producing special order Pythons in 2005.

As the Python is very similar in size and dimensions to the S&W L frame series of revolvers, the Python will crossfit over into a holster for the L frame, assuming the barrel lengths are the same. Holsters shown below are designed to fit the Colt Python in different barrel lengths.

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