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Ruger EC9s

The Ruger LC9 series was and has been one of Ruger’s most popular handgun series this decade. As the LC9 has been upgraded over time with a better trigger, better sights, etc, the price has continued to climb since the LC9 was introduced in 2011. Therefore, at the 2018 SHOT Show, Ruger introduced the Ruger EC9s pistol model.

ruger ec9s holster Models

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The new EC9s was designed as a more budget friendly version of the popular LC9s series. The EC9s is built on the LC9s frame and even takes magazines made for the LC9s models. Like the LC9s series, the EC9s version is also a striker-fired pistol that is currently only chambered in 9mm. The EC9s also features an integrated optional safety like the LC9s versions.

The EC9S has a suggested MSRP of $299, which puts it costing about $200 less than the more expensive LC9 series. So what’s different about the EC9s compared to the LC9s, and how is one nearly $200 less? Here’s how:

(1) While the LC9s series feature standard dovetailed, drift-adjustable iron sights, that can be upgraded with high-visibility sight inserts; the EC9s comes with fixed front and rear sights that are machined into the frame. These sights cannot be ungraded or adjusted.

(2) The EC9s is currently only available with a manual thumb safety and integrated trigger safety, while the LC9s series are available with a manual thumb safety or the Ruger Pro Model trigger.

(3) The EC9s is built with a standard magazine disconnect (as in its non-optional), while some of the LC9s variants feature an optional magazine disconnect.

(4) The EC9s ships with only one magazine, while the LC9s series ships with two.

As the magazines for the EC9s are compatible with the LC9s series, the round count on the EC9s is the same 7+1 found on the LC9s series. As the EC9s uses the same basic trigger set-up as the basic EC9s series (not the Ruger Pro Model trigger), the trigger pull, reset, etc. function the same.

Here are some questions that we have seen regarding Ruger EC9s holsters:

Will the Ruger EC9S fit in a holster made for the LC9S?

As both models share the same frame and dimensions, the EC9S will fit in a holster made for the LC9S.

I read online that the EC9S is similar to the Ruger LCP. Will it fit in a holster made for the LCP?

While the LCP and the EC9s share a number of features, they are different models with different dimensions. The EC9S is larger than the Ruger LCP so it will not fit a holster made for an LCP.

Do you offer a holster for the Ruger EC9s?

Yes, any of the holster models listed below will fit the Ruger EC9s.

Do you carry any magazine carrier that will fit the Ruger EC9S?

Yes, any of the magazine carriers listed on this page are available in a version to fit the Ruger EC9s: https://www.gunnersalley.com/magazine-carriers/.

Can you recommend or suggest a Ruger ec9s IWB holster?

The small size of the EC9s makes is an ideal option for concealed carry. Here are our most popular CCW holsters for the EC9s:

Don Hume IWB with Bodyshield

MTR Custom Adversary IWB

Don Hume Clip-on IWB

Any of the holster models listed below are available in a Ruger EC9s holster version.

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