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Ruger GP100

The Ruger GP-100 series of revolvers was first introduced by Sturm Ruger (more commonly known as Ruger) in 1985. The GP-100 was designed to be a more advanced, 2nd generation version of the popular Ruger Security Six series of revolvers. The GP100 was specifically designed to replace the Ruger Security Six, Service Six, Speed Six series. The Ruger Six series were a “medium” frame revolver series that could accommodate the powerful .357 cartridge but were really more built to handle the less powerful .38 Special cartridge. If fed a steady diet of .357 magnum rounds, the Ruger Six series of revolvers would begin to show signs of accelerated wear. The GP100 series featured a beefier frame (more like a S&W L frame revolver) was specifically designed to shoot the .357 Magnum round.

ruger gp100 holster models

Click this link if you would like to see all the Ruger GP100 holster models we carry

The GP100 had upgrades and enhancements over the Six series of revolvers that included a stronger and more powerful cylinder locking system (which Ruger calls a “triple lock” cylinder). Also, the GP-100 features an updated grip design that allows the shooter to attach a one-piece grip of practically any shape or size, allowing for a much larger range of grip customizations compared to the traditional two-screw grips found on the Ruger Security Six series. The GP100 also maintained Ruger’s patented transfer bar system where the transfer bar must be present between the hammer and the firing pin in order for the revolver to fire making it a very safe model to carry with a hammer riding on a loaded chamber.

Like the Security Six series, the GP-100 is a double action/single action, exposed hammer revolver that can be fired either by pulling the trigger from the hammer down position, or by manually cocking the hammer and firing from single action. When the GP-100 was first introduced, it was original available in a 6-shot configuration with barrels lengths of either 3”, 4”, or 6”.

Since 2016, Ruger has expanded the GP100 to include the following calibers and capacities:

  • .44 Special – Only available in a 5 shot version
  • .327 Federal Magnum – Only available in a 7-shot version
  • 10mm Auto – Only available in a 6-shot version
  • .357 Magnum/.38 Special – These calibers are available in a 6 and 7 shot version
  • .22 LR – Only available in a 10-shot version

Ruger has also expanded the GP100 configurations to include the following barrel lengths:

  • 2.5 Inch
  • 3 Inch
  • 4.2 Inch
  • 5 Inch (a special run of GP100 models made only for certain distributors such Davidson’s and Lipsey’s)
  • 6 Inch

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding Ruger GP100 holster options:

#1 – I see you make holsters to fit the Ruger GP100 series. I see that you make a point to reference the different barrel lengths, but you don’t specify the caliber? I have a Ruger GP100 in 44 Special with a 3” barrel, but I don’t know if a holster made for the .357 version of the GP100 will fit my .44 Special?

The answer to your question is yes. The smart engineers at Ruger designed the GP100 series so the cylinder is the same size regardless of the different calibers. According to Ruger Customer Support, even the 10 shot .22 LR version of the GP100 has the exact same cylinder size as the larger 5 shot .44 Special version. So, any holster made for a Ruger GP100 fits any Ruger GP100 regardless of the caliber or capacity.

#2 – Do you carry any holsters to fit the Ruger GP100 with a 4.2” barrel?

We only carry one holster brand (MTR Custom) that supports the newer 4.2” Ruger GP100. Any MTR Custom holster listed below is available in a version to fit a GP100 with a 4.2 inch barrel.

#3 – I have a Ruger Lipsey’s Special GP100 with a 5” barrel and a half lug. Do you carry or make a holster to fit that model?

We do carry holsters to fit a 5” Ruger GP100. However, the holster is built using a Ruger GP100 5” mold with a full lug. Your 5” Lispsey’s gun will fit that holster just fine, though.

#4 – I have a stainless steel Ruger GP100 3” in 10mm. Do you have a holster to fit that model because I’ve heard that the stainless steel models are slightly bigger than the standard models?

We can fit a holster for that model and the SS models are the exact same size dimensionally compared to the standard blued models.

#5 – I’ve read in some gun forums that a Ruger GP100 will fit in a holster made for a S&W L frame revolver? Is that true?

While there are some very slight differences dimensionally, a GP100 will fit in a holster made for a S&W L frame series as long as the barrel length is correct. The only restriction on that will be the newer GP100 models with a 4.2” barrel. S&W only offers the L frame in a 4” model, which would be too short for the longer 4.2” GP100. In that case, you would have to move up to a holster made for a 6” L frame or use an open bottom holster.

#6 – I like the Don Hume brand of holsters, but do not see a Don Hume option to fit the 4.2” GP-100?

That is correct as Don Hume is not yet offering holsters to fit the GP100 with a 4.2” barrel. They do offer holsters for the GP-100 in a 2.5”, 3”, or 4” barrel.

#7 - I have one of the new Ruger GP-100 models that is a 7 shot .357 magnum with a 2.5" barrel (Ruger model 1774). Will it fit in a holster made for a 6 shot GP-100 with a 2.5" barrel?

Although Ruger offers the .357 in 6 shot and 7 shot versions, the cylinder on the 7 shot models is the same size as the 6 shot versions. We've confirmed this with Ruger Customer Support, so a holster made for a Ruger GP-100 with a 2.5" barrel will fit your 7 shot 357.

#8 - I have a Ruger GP-100 with a 4.2" barrel in 327 Federal Mag, but it's a 7 shot model. However, I didn't see any holsters listed for the 327 Federal mag in a 7 shot configuration?

As mentioned before, the engineers at Ruger are very smart folks so they designed all the Ruger GP-100 models, regardless of the caliber and number of rounds carried, so the cylinders are all the same size. The only differences are the barrel lengths. So this means that a Ruger GP-100 in 327 Federal Mag with a 2.5" barrel and a Ruger GP-100 in a 10 shot .22LR configuration with a 2.5" barrel will fit into the same holster. To answer your question, your 7 shot 327 Federal Mag GP-100 fits into a holster made for any Ruger GP-100 with a 4.2" barrel.

#9 – If this page is about holsters for the Ruger GP100 revolvers, why isn’t there a Ruger GP100 pictured in any of the holsters below? Also, some of the holsters pictured are clearly made to fit a semi-auto handgun?

This page is about Ruger GP100 holster models, and we understand that many (if not all) of the holsters pictured below do not appear to be made for the Ruger GP100. The holsters displayed below are sample models for various handgun and revolver models so that you can get an idea of what the holster looks like and how it functions. If you order a holster for a Ruger GP100 for us, it will be made specifically to fit the GP100.

Any of the gun holster models listed below are available in a Ruger GP100 holster option.

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