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Ruger LC380

Storm Ruger had major success with the LCP and LC9 models, however, some shooters complained of the “snappy” recoil generated by both. Given the size and weight of the LCP in .380, it’s easy to understand why it might have a decent recoil. Although the LC9 is a larger framed gun and weighs more than the LCP, being chambered in the more powerful 9mm, makes it a snappy shooter on its own.

So the engineers at Ruger came up with an idea: what about blending these two guns together in an effort to create a model that filled the hands a little more compared to the LCP and offered less recoil that both? The result was the Ruger LC380, which debuted at the 2013 SHOT show. This model is built on the standard LC9 frame, but is chambered in the less powerful .380 caliber.

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Here's a nice video overview of the LC380:

Even though the .380 isn’t known for its stopping power or penetration, the LC380 carries 7+1 in the chamber compared to the 6+1 of the LCP. Even though the LC380 offers 1 additional round, the longer grip is much easier to handle to people with larger hands.

Some common negative feedback on the LC380 includes:

  • A long and gritty trigger pull of 8 lbs or so (just like the LC9 model)
  • Small 3 dot sights that are non-adjustable and sometimes difficult to see
  • The slide not locking back on the final shot if “limp wristed”
  • Some complaints of the LC380 being a little finicky with ammo

Some of the positive feedback on the LC380:

  • A pinky extender is included in the package from Ruger, making it much easier for guys with big hands
  • A dual recoil spring system that both helps with recoil management and makes the slider easer to pull back
  • Above average accuracy at common self-defense ranges of 10-15 yards.
  • A manual safety and magazine disconnect safety so the pistol won’t fire without a magazine inserted.

Currently the LC380 is available from Ruger in 3 different configurations:

  • LC380
  • LC380 with Crimson Trace LaserGuard
  • LC380 with LaserMax Centerfire

Even though LC380 isn’t as small as the LCP, it’s still a premier choice for CCW (much like its LC9 cousin). We carry a full line of holster models for the LC380, and here are some of the common questions that we receive related to LC380 holsters:

Will the LC380 fit the same holster as the LC9?
Since the LC9 and the LC380 are the exact same dimensions, yes it will. Any holster designed to fit the LC9 will also fit the LC380. That being said, in order to avoid any confusion, we list the LC380 as a separate holster fit on our web site.

Is there a holster made to fit the LC380 with the Crimson Trace LaserGuard on it?
Yes, any holster made to fit the LC9 with the attached Crimson Trace LaserGuard with also fit the LC380 carring the same laser.

Do you offer a holster made to fit the LC380 carrying the factory option LaserMax Centerfire laser?
Yes, any holster designed to accommodate the Ruger LC9 with a LaserMax Centerfire will also fit an LC380 with the Centerfire laser attached.

What kind of IWB holster options are available for the LC380?
For just the LC380 without any of the factory laser options, we carry about 7 different IWB models that will fit it. For the LC380 with an attached laser, we carry 3 IWB models all made by MTR Custom (Adversary IWB, MTR Custom Dual Carry, and Slimline Tuckable) that will fit both gun and laser carried IWB. It’s important to understand that the both the factory laser models (LaserGuard or Centerfire) have different dimensions so the holster has to be ordered for the pistol carrying a specific laser. For example, a holster made for the LC380 with the Centerfire laser attached won’t fit an LC380 carrying the factory Laserguard.

What pocket holster options do you offer for the LC380?
With an overall length of 6”, the LC380 can be carried in a pocket holster, but not every pocket is going to work. It would depend on the length, depth, and size of the pocket. For example, a pair of blue jeans might have pockets too shallow for LC380 in a pocket holster, but a pair of cargo shorts would do just fine. Right now, we only carry 1 pocket holster model to the fit this pistol, but we are working on adding more.

What about belt holster options for the LC380?
We carry around 15 different belt holsters, produced by both Don Hume and MTR Custom, which will fit the LC380. One of our most popular sellers for that pistol is the Don Hume JIT Slide as it rides high and tight, while being very affordable.

Any holster shown below is produced in a version to fit the LC380.

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