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Ruger LC9 with Crimson Trace LaserGuard

Ever since Ruger introduced the LC9 model at the 2011 SHOTshow, it’s become one of their top handgun sellers (along with the LCP). Ruger took a little different approach right after the LC9 was introduced, and worked with major laser brands to offer factory versions of the LC9 with a laser attached to it.


One of the first laser brands to come on-board with Ruger for the LC9 was Crimson Trace. By the end of 2011, Crimson Trace had introduced a red laser model (called the LG-412 LaserGuard) that fit all the LC9 models. As the LC9 evolved into the LC9S and LC9S Pro models, the Crimson Trace LG-412 also fit those models.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC9S Pro fitted with a Crimson Trace LG-412 laser:

#1 – Do offer any holsters to fit the LC9S with a Crimson Trace laser?

Yes, we do but it’s important to clarify that Crimson Trace offers more than 1 laser model for the LC9 and LC9S models. The basic (and most popular model) is the Crimson Trace LG-412, but Crimson Trace also offers the LG-413 which is light/laser combo. When choosing a holster for the LC9 equipped with either laser model, it’s important to specific exactly which Crimson Trace laser you are running.

#2 – Do you offer anything to fit a Ruger LC9S with a LaserMax CenterFire laser on it?

We, we can do holsters for that model laser on an LC9S as well.

#3 – I have the Ruger LC9S Pro with a Crimson Trace laser, but don’t see the “pro” model listed on your weapon drop-down menu? Why?

The LC9S Pro is just a variant of the basic LC9S that has a safety and magazine disconnect so that model can be sold in regulated stated like MA and CA. The LC9S Pro has the exact same dimensions as the basic LC9S so the Pro fits the exact same holster as well.

#4 – I see that you offer Don Hume holsters for the regular LC9, but I don’t see any Don Hume holsters listed for the LC9 with a CT laser? Why?

You are correct, and that’s because Don Hume doesn’t currently offer any holster models to fit an LC9, LC9S, or LC9S Pro with a Crimson Laser on it.

#5 – How can I tell if a holster model displayed on your web site is available in a version to fit my LC9S with a CT LG-412?

Any gun holster listed on this page below is made in a version to fit the LC9, LC9S, or LC9S Pro wearing a Crimson Trace LG-412 laser.

#6 – I’m thinking about a pocket holster for my LC9 with CT. Is that something you carry?

Yes, we carry a few pocket holster models that would fit that pistol/laser set-up, but we’d suggest giving it a bit more thought as the LC9 isn’t really all that small of a pistol and might be a challenge to carry in a front or rear pocket.

Any holster model displayed below is available for the Ruger LC9, LC9S, or LC9S Pro with a Crimson Trace LG-412 attached.

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