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Ruger LC9 with LaserMax CenterFire Laser

The success of the Crimson Trace laser for the LC9 series, led LaserMax to introduce a Centerfire laser model for the Ruger LC9 series. The LaserMax Centerfire for the LC9 is priced slightly less than the comparable Crimson Trace laser so it’s been a good seller for LaserMax. In addition, the LC9 model with a LaserMax Centerfire laser attached was also offered by Ruger as a factory option for some time.


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The Centerfire model (CF-LC9) for the LC9 also fits the LC9S, LC9S Pro, and the Ruger LC380.

Here are some of the more commonly asked question that we see regarding holsters for the Ruger LC9, LC9S, or LC9S Pro with a LaserMax Centerfire laser:

#1 – Do you offer a holster to fit the LC9 with a Lasermax Centerfire?

Yes, MTR Custom offers holster options to fit a LC9, LC9S, or LC9S Pro equipped with a Lasermax Centerfire (model CF-LC9).

#2 – I have an LC9S with the CenterFire laser and I’ve heard that some holster models made for this pistol/laser combo have an issue with the laser being inadvertently turned on, causing the laser to run down. Is that the case with the holsters listed below?

Well, the Centerfire series has a different laser activation approach as compared to the Crimson Trace laser series, which are integrated into the grip. The holsters listed below are made in such a manner that the laser won’t be accidentally activated while riding in the holster.

#3 – I have the LC9S Pro model and I bought the Centerfire CF-LC9 for it. Do you have a holster to fit it?

Yes, MTR can fit that pistol/laser combo as well.

#4 – Will my LC9 with a Centerfire fit in a holster made for an LC9 and Crimson Trace laser?

Unfortunately, it won’t (at least not like it should). It won’t because the Centerfire and the Crimson trace are different lasers with different dimensions.

#5 – What do you recommend as a good CCW holster for the LC9 with a CenterFire laser?

Our most popular selling CCW holsters for the LC9 with a CF laser are the MTR Custom Adversary IWB and the MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary.

Any of the gun holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the Ruger LC9, LC9S, or LC9S Pro equipped with a LaserMax CenterFire CF-LC9 laser.

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