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Ruger LCP

Introduced at the 2008 SHOT Show, the Ruger LCP is marketed as a subcompact pocket pistol chambered in .380 ACP. The success of small .380 pocket pistol models like the Kel-Tec P3AT, coupled with the rising popularity of concealed carry, led Ruger to push the LCP into production as quickly as possible.

ruger lcp holster models

Click this link to see all the Ruger LCP holster models that we carry

The LCP name is an acronym for Lightweight Compact Pistol and was designed mainly for law enforcement officers who wanted a secondary gun, and for members of the public who wanted a small pistol for self-defense and CCW that was easy to conceal.

The LCP ended up being one of Ruger’s most popular handgun models for the last 10 years. The only complaints that are commonly heard about regarding the LCP involves the following:

  • The long trigger, which Ruger has indicated was necessary for a pistol of this size and weight.
  • The somewhat snappy recoil, which is to be expected for a pistol that weighs less than 10 ounces.

The LCP specifications are as follows:

It weighs in at 9.4 ounces and is just over 5 inches in length. The barrel length is approximately 2.75 inches and the width is just under an inch while the height is 3.6 inches. The popularity of this model is attributed to its small size and weight, overall reliability, and low price point.

Built as a double action only handgun, the LCP is only available in the .380 ACP cartridge. The gun comes standard with a 6-round magazine, but a larger 7 round version is also available. The LCP features a basic set of fixed sights with a slant and post design that are built into the slide and cannot be upgraded or changed. Given the size and effective range of this type of pistol, Ruger felt that more complicated sights would be unnecessary.

An interesting fact, in 2010, the Ruger LCP gained media attention when Texas Governor Rick Perry used the handgun to shoot a coyote that was bothering his dog. This led Ruger to release a special “coyote” edition of the Ruger LCP in limited quantities with special engraving that includes a reference to Texans, a Lone star engraving, and an image of a coyote engraved into the top of the slide.

Currently Ruger offers the LCP in 20 different variations, including:

  • 14 models in various frame colors
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Blued with a Crimson Trace Laserguard
  • Blued with a Lasermax Centerfire

Over the years, Ruger also introduced a number of LCP variants, which were just built on the standard LCP frame, but featured different colored triggers, skeletonized triggers, or different colored slides.

While the original LCP model is still in production, Ruger introduced an upgraded and updated version of the LCP in 2016, calling it the LCP II model. This model addresses a few the more common complaints with the original LCP series, including:

  • Higher and more visible sights
  • A last shot hold-open functionality
  • Lighter trigger with a shorter pull

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding Ruger LCP holsters:

I’m looking for a Ruger LCP pocket holster? What do you recommend?

The Ruger LCP is certainly a popular pocket gun, and our two most popular Ruger LCP pocket holsters are these:

Don Hume 001 Front Pocket Holster

MTR Custom 001 Front Pocket Holster

I have one of the newer Ruger LCP II models and was told that they would fit in a holster made for the original LCP series? Is that right?

Yes and no. For a one-size-all type of holster, the LCP II model will most likely fit the same one-size-fits-all model for a standard LCP. But, for a holster that is molded to fit, your LCP II will not fit in a fitted holster made for the LCP. The dimensions on the LCP II are different than those on the original LCP model. If you need a holster for that model LCP, then follow this link: Ruger LCP II holsters.

I bought a Ruger LCP with a factory installed Viridian red laser, and I’m having a hard time finding a holster to fit it. Do you carry anything that will fit?

It sounds like you are asking about a Ruger LCP that comes with a Viridian E-series red laser. We do carry some holster options for that. Any of the holsters listed below made by MTR Custom, are available in a version to fit the Ruger LCP with a Viridian E-Series red laser.

Do you carry any Ruger LCP 380 holster models?

Currently, the Ruger LCP pistol is only manufactured in a .380 caliber, so all the original LCP handguns are .380 versions. Any of the holster models listed below are made in a version to fit the Ruger LCP 380.

Do you carry or have a holster for a Ruger LCP with laser?

There are several different laser brands and models that are available in versions made specifically to fit the Ruger LCP so we would need to know the specific laser model in order to be able to answer that question. The most and common laser models for the Ruger LCP are as follows:

Viridian E-Series Red laser – As mentioned previously, any MTR Custom holster listed below can be done to fit that specific LCP/laser set-up.

Crimson Trace LG-431 red laser – Another very popular laser for the Ruger LCP, any of the MTR Custom holsters listed below can be configured to fit the LCP with a Crimson Trace LG-431 laser attached.

ArmaLaser TR2 or TR2G – The ArmaLaser TR2 is a red version made for the LCP and the TR2G is the green version. MTR Custom can support holsters for an LCP with either TR model mounted.

Laserlyte UTA-LCP – This Laserlyte model is another popular laser option for the Ruger LCP, and any of the MTR Custom holsters listed below can be configured to fit that pistol/laser combo.

LaserMax CF-LCP – Another laser option for the Ruger LCP, and this configuration is also supported by MTR Custom so any of the MTR Custom holsters listed below would work.

I’m shopping for a Ruger LCP ankle holster? Can you help me?

We do carry one ankle holster that is available in a version to fit the Ruger LCP (without a laser):

Don Hume H760 Ankle Holster

I’m researching Ruger LCP IWB holster options. What do you recommend?

If we are talking about a Ruger LCP without a laser, then any of the IWB holster models listed below would be an option. If you have a Ruger LCP model with a laser mounted, then you’ll want to only look at the MTR Custom IWB holster models listed below.

The top selling Ruger IWB holster models that were carry are these:

Don Hume H715M W/C Clip-on IWB Holster

MTR Custom Adversary Clip-on IWB with Bodyshield

Don Hume H715M WCS Clip-on IWB Holster with Bodyshield

MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary Clip-on IWB Holster with Bodyshield

Do you have any Ruger LCP wallet holster models? Or, LCP holsters that are made to fit in your back pocket?

It’s important to clarify exactly what you are asking regarding the type of holster in this question. If you mean a holster that looks like a wallet and includes a hole in the center to fire the pistol while it’s still holstered in the wallet, then no we don’t have any of that style.

Now if you are asking about a back-pocket holster that is designed to look like a wallet in the rear pocket, then yes, we do carry that style of holster. Out top selling back pocket holster for the LCP is this one:

MTR Custom Back Pocket Holster

What’s the best holster for a Ruger LCP?

“Best” is a relative term as one person’s “best” Ruger LCP holster most likely won’t be the same as another person’s “best”. The answer really depends on several different factors, including how you want to carry the pistol, body type, climate, activity level, etc.

For concealment purposes, the most popular holster styles are IWB (inside the waistband), pocket holsters, and ankle holsters. For range use and general carrying, then the OWB (outside the waistband models) tend to be something to consider.

A number of our staff like carrying a Ruger LCP in a front pocket holster, but that’s just one set of opinions and experiences.

I saw online that the Ruger LCP will fit into a holster made for the Ruger LC380 since they are both .380 caliber models. Is that right?

Unfortunately, that is not correct. While both models are chambered in .380, they are built on different frames and are different sizes. The LC380 is built on the same frame as the larger Ruger LC9 and LC9S so it’s larger than then smaller LCP.

Any of the holster models shown below are available as a Ruger LCP holster option.

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