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Ruger LCP II

When Ruger introduced the original LCP model in 2008, they had high hopes for its success. 9 years later with more than 1.5 million LCP models sold, the LCP has proven to be a runaway success in the tough CCW market. However, like most pistols, it came with its share of complaints and requests for changes.

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Ruger LCP Ruger LCP II


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The three most common complaints were:

#1 – The factory sights – The factory sights are machined into the frame (which means they can’t be changed out) and were very small. Understanding that the lower profile sights help maintain a snag-free profile, they were elementary at best. The sights weren’t a huge issue given the fact that the LCP was really designed for short range CCW/self defense use.

#2 - Last shot hold-open – The original LCP was not offered with last shot hold open functionality so the slide will not lock back on the final shot, although, it is equipped with an external slide lock.

#3 – Trigger – The LCP was equipped with a fairly heavy (at 10 plus pounds) double action trigger with somewhat long reset. It wasn’t the worst trigger ever seen, but it certainly wasn’t the best, and could be mastered with practice.

Apparently Ruger took these criticisms to heart as they introduced the 2nd generation of the LCP, called the Ruger LCP II, (also commonly seen in writing as the "LCP 2" as well) in early 2016. While the sights on the LCP II are still machined directly into the slide, they are larger and more easily seen. Ruger also upgraded the trigger from a double action operation to a more single action set-up, but not in the traditional single action sense of things.

The LCP II uses a single action type design where the internal hammer is cocked by the rearward action of the slide, and the trigger itself has been upgraded to a blade type safety (think Glock). The new trigger offers a shorter reset and much more manageable and consistent 6 pound trigger pull. Ruger also incorporated an automatic slide hold open function that users had been requesting.

In terms of overall size, the new LCP II is pretty close to the same size and weight as the original LCP. However, there were some design changes to the frame, including the following:

#1 – The trigger guard on the LCP II is wider and more squared compared to the more round trigger guard found on the original LCP.

#2 – The slide features both front and rear cocking serrations, along with a more squared looking profile. The slide is still rounded for a snag resistant draw, but looks much more squared off compared to the LCP.

#3 – The hammer in the new LCP II is more concealed and less visible than the original LCP, which should do help keep debris (such as pocket lint) from getting into the hammer area.

#4 – The grip on the LCP II is slightly wider with deeper palm swells, which added about .2” in width over the grip on the original LCP. The grip on the 2nd gen model also features a more aggressive texture for better control.

Here are some of the more common questions that we’ve seen regarding holsters for the LCP II:

Will the LCP II fit in a holster made for the original LCP, or does it require its own unique holster fit?

As the dimensions are different on the LCP II, it will not fit in a holster made for the original Ruger LCP. Given the changes to the trigger guard and frame, the LCP II needs to go into its own unique holster fit.

Do you offer any holsters to fit the Ruger LCP 2?

Yes, any of the holsters listed below are Ruger LCP 2 holster models.

Do you carry any pocket holsters for the LCP II?

Yes, both MTR Custom and Don Hume offer pocket holster models (front and back pocket versions) are available for the LCP II.

Do you offer any magazine carriers for the LCP II?

Technically, the LCP II uses the same magazines as the original LCP, so yes; we can offer magazine carriers for it.

Are the original LCP series (gen 1 models) still being made? If so, do you offer holsters for that version as well?

Yes, as of 2017, the original LCP series is still in production, and yes we still offer holsters for that pistol. Those models can be seen here: Ruger LCP holsters.

Any of the gun holster models listed below are available in a Ruger LCP II holster (or LCP 2) holster version.

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