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Ruger LCP with Lasermax Centerfire Laser

When the Ruger LCP was introduced in 2008, industry experts predicted the model would be an excellent seller in the CCW market. The following year, Crimson Trace saw an opportunity, and started offering laser models for the LCP. LaserMax followed in 2010 and began offering a laser version for the LCP series.ruger-lcp-lasermax-centerfire-laser.jpg

As the LCP wasn’t equipped with removable grips, the laser had to be attached underneath the barrel. The Lasermax model for the LCP series is called the LaserMax Centerfire CF-LCP, and it mounts to the pistol without any permanent alterations and without the use of any special tools. The CF-LCP features an ambi safety switch, which is different from the comparable Crimson Trace laser versions.

The CL-LCP also offers some unique features including:

  • The option of a steady bean or pulsing version
  • A 10 minute auto-shut off in the event that the switch is inadvertently activated.

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding holsters for the Ruger LCP with an attached LaserMax Centerfire laser:

#1 – I have the Ruger LCP and just purchased the LaserMax Centerfire laser for it. With the laser mounted, the pistol will no longer fit into my holster?

That is correct as adding the laser changes the overall dimensions of the pistol, so a holster made for a standard Ruger LCP won’t fit an LCP with a mounted LaserMax laser. Unless you want to go with one of those one-size-fits-all types of holsters, you’ll need a holster made specifically for the LCP with that laser.

#2 – Since the LaserMax laser for the LCP and the Crimson Trace laser for the LCP looks the same; will the Lasermax Centerfire version fit into a holster made the LCP with a Crimson Trace laser?

While the two lasers certainly do look similar, they have different dimensions so each requires a holster made specifically for the LCP and each laser. While you can probably fit an LCP with LaserMax into a holster made for an LCP with CT, chances are the LaserMax will activate when the pistol is holstered.

#3 – If I order a holster for my LCP with LaserMax Centerfire laser, but later decide to take the laser off the pistol, will it still fit into the holster?

It will, but it may shift around a little bit inside the holster as there will be empty space where the holster was fitted for the laser.

#4 – I see you list holsters for the LCP with the LaserMax, but what about the Ruger LC380 with a Lasermax mounted on it? You have any holsters to fit that?

The Ruger LC380 is actually built on the same frame as the larger Ruger LC9, so the LC380 with a Lasermax is too big to fit into a holster made for the smaller LCP with a LaserMax. If you are shopping for a holster for the Ruger LC380 with an attached LaserMax laser, shop here.

#5 - Are there any Don Hume holsters made to fit the LCP with this laser attached?

Unfortunately, Don Hume holsters is not currently offering any holsters for t0 the fit the LCP with a Lasermax laser attached. They only fit the standard LCP without a laser right now.

Any model listed below is available in a version to fit the Ruger LCP with an attached LaserMax CF-LCP model laser.

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