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Ruger LCR-X 2 inch

While the LCR revolver was a success for Ruger, the double action only design was a point of contention for shooters who prefer a single or double action revolver. To meet the needs of this group, Ruger released the LCRX model at the end of 2013. The LCRX was built using all the features of the standard LCR, except it featured an external hammer and could be fired from a single or double action position. Single action means the hammer can be cocked back and fired whenthe trigger is pulled, while double action means that the hammer can be down and it travels back and then forward to fire as the trigger is being pulled.


Initially, the LCRX was released with a 2” barrel and Ruger has since introduced a version with a 3” barrel (holsters for it can be seen here).

Some commonly asked questions about holsters for the Ruger LCRX 2”:

#1 – Will a holster made for the LCR fit an LCRX model?

Possibly but not always. The front sight on the LCRX series is taller than the one on the standard LCR. As such, some holsters made for the standrd LCR won't have enough room to accomodate the taller front sight on the LCRX models.

#2 – I’m interested in a retention holster (with a thumb break) for my LCRX 2”, but I don’t specifically see any listed?

At this time, Don Hume isn’t specifically producing any holsters to fit the LCRX 2” or 3”, and none of their holster line made for the LCR series will fit an LCRX 2" or 3" due to the higher front sight on the LCRX series. MTR does offer a line of holsters to fir the LCRX 2" models, and an optional thumb break can be added to most of those holster models.

#3 – Do you offer any pocket holsters to fit the LCRX 2”?

Not at this time as the exposed hammer makes the LCRX a bit of a challenge to carry in a pocket.

#4 – I have the newer LCRX 3” model. Do you offer any holsters to fit it?

Yes. MTR Custom offers most every holster in their line in a version to fit the LCRX 3”. Those holsters can be seen here.

Holsters show below are available in a version to fit the LCRX 2" revolver.

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