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Ruger LCR-X 3 Inch

While the Ruger LCRX 2” model was a success, Ruger continued to receive public feedback requesting a longer barreled option built on the LCRX platform. In late 2014, Ruger introduced the LCRX 3” model, and hinted around about using the LCRX series as platform to offer other longer barrel options possibly starting in 2016 (although that hasn’t been confirmed). This concept would make sense given the success of the SP-101 series of revolver which is offered in 2 ¼”, 3 1/16, and 4” models.


The LCRX 3” model utilizes all the popular features of the LCRX mated to a longer 3” barrel. This model uses the 5 shot cylinder (standard on the LCR and LCRX series) and added adjustable sights. Even though the longer barrel added a slight amount of weight, the 3” model still weighs less than 16 ounces unloaded.

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The LCRX 3” was offered for the concealed carry and self defense crowd that wanted the additional accuracy from a slightly longer barrel. At the time this information was written, the LCRX 3” was only offered in the .38 Special caliber, although there has been some interest in a .357 version for hikers and backpackers.

Here are some commonly asked questions that we’ve seen regarding holsters for the LCRX 3”:

#1 – I have an LCR and the new LCRX 3”. Will my holster for the LCR fit the LCRX 3”?

It really depend son the holster model as the LCRX series has much higher front and rear sights compared to standard LCR series. In many cases the higher front sight will catch on an open bottom holster made for the LCR.

#2 – I wanted a Don Hume holster for the LCRX 3”, but don’t see anything listed on your site for it in Don Hume?

At this time of this writing, Don Hume isn’t officially making anything to fit the LCRX 3” model. While they do offer some open bottom holsters styles for the LCR, those don't fit well with the LCRX series as the higher LCRX front sight catches on the holsterHowever, there are certain Don Hume models that the LCRX (regardless of the barrel length) will fit.

#3 - Do you have anything that is made specifically for the LCRX 3” model?

MTR Custom is offering most any holster in their line to fit that pistol.

#4 - I've heard that many holster makers used the S&W series of revolvers as a basis to crossfit over into other non-S&W revolvers. Given that, which one of the S&W revolvers would work as a crossfit for the LCRX 3"?

Based on our experences, none right now. The frame on the LCRX is pretty unique so there isn't a S&W frame series that we've seen so far that work for crossfitting purposes.

#5 - If I wanted a nice IWB holster for the LCRX 3", what holster model would you recommend?

We'd suggest the MTR Custom Adversary Clip-on IWB as it's one of our top sellers and comes in a version for that model LCRX.

#6 - Although this page is suppose to fit holsters for the Ruger LCRX 3", I don't see any holsters with an LCRX shown in the holster?

The images displayed on this page are sample images of each holster with whatever specific pistol or revolver that we had on hand at that time to use for sample pictures. Don't let the images confused you, holsters on this page are made in a version to fit the LCRX 3" model.

All the holsters below are offered in a version to fit the Ruger LCRX 3”

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