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Ruger SP101 3 1/16" Barrel

Introduced by Ruger in 1989, the SP-101 series of revolvers was offered as a larger .357 magnum alternative to the smaller S&W J frame revolvers as many were only chambered in .38 Special and as a smaller option than the larger S&W K frame series that was chambered in .357.


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Although the 2 ¼” version is the more popular of the series, the 3 1/16” version has developed a following as well. Initially, the 3 1/16” version was offered in a .38 Special caliber, a .357 Magnum caliber, and a limited number of 9mm caliber. Currently, Ruger is only offering the 3 1/16” version in .357. Out of all these configurations, the 9mm version with a 3 1/16” barrel is the least common and most valuable. While most of the 3 1/16” models have an exposed hammer, there are a few 3 1/16” hammerless models floating around.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions we see regarding holsters for the Ruger SP-101 with a 3 1/16” barrel:

#1 – I see some Ruger SP-101 models listed as having a 3 1/16” barrel and others being advertised as having a 3” barrel? And I don’t see a holster option on your site for a standard 3” model?

Initially, the barrel lengths on the longer models were listed as 3 1/16”. For the newer models made by Ruger, the barrel length is listed as a 3”. Given that 1/16” of an inch is so very small, a holster made for a 3 1/16” SP-101 will fit a 3” model just fine.

#2 – I am having trouble finding a holster to fit my SP-101 with a 3 1/16” barrel. Is there a holster for a similarly sized weapon I can use that will fit it?

We offer a number of gun holster models made specifically for the SP-101 series with a 3 1/16” barrel. All the models can be seen down below on this page.The SP-101 in 3 1/16” is closest in size and barrel length to a S&W K frame with a 3” barrel. However, a holster made for the 3” K frame won’t fit a SP-101 because the K frame is a 6 shot while the SP is a 5 shot model. The cylinder sizes are too different.

#3 – Do you offer any IWB holsters for a 3 1/16” SP-101 model?

Yes, although the shorter barrel SP-101 in 2.25” is more popular for IWB carry, both Don Hume and MTR Custom offer a few different IWB models that are offered specific to the 101 with a 3 1/16” or 3” barrel.

#4 – I have an SP-101 with a 3 1/16” barrel in 38 special, but I don’t see a holster made for the .38 Special model?

Regardless of the caliber, all the SP-101 models basically have the same frame dimensions, with the exception of the barrel length. So a holster built for an SP-101, will fit an SP-101 no matter what the caliber.

#5 – Say I have a Ruger SP-101 in both 2 ¼” and 3 1/16”, and I wanted to buy a holster that will fit both? Is that possible?

Yes, and here are your options: You can either buy a holster with an open bottom configuration that will accommodate both barrel lengths, or, you can buy a holster for the longer barreled 3 1/16” model knowing that it will fit both the 3 1/16” and the shorter 2 ¼” barreled model. The only downside to this approach would be the inch (+/-) of extra holster you would have when using the 2 1/14” model.

#6 - I have the shorter SP-101 with a 2.25" barrel. Where are holsters for those on your site?

Holsters for that model are located here: SP-101 2.25" barrel.

#7 - I have the SP-101 3" model in the .327 Federal Magnum. As this model is a 6 shot version and most other 357 versions fo the SP-101 3" are only 5 shot model, do you offer a holster to fit the 6 shot 327 Federal Magnum SP-101 with a 3 inch barrel?

Believe it or not, even though the 327 Federal Magnum version is a 6 shot, it has the same cylinder and frame dimensions as the standard 357 SP-101 series. This was verified with Ruger Customer service and verified through test fitting of holsters. As such, the SP-101 3" in 327 Federal Magnum fits in a holster made for the 357 or 38 Special version of the SP-101 3".

All the gun holster models shown below are available in version to fit the Ruger SP-101 with a 3 1/16" barrel.

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