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Ruger SR45

The success of the Ruger SR9 and SR40 models led Ruger to introduce the SR45 model in early 2013. Dimensionally and aesthetically, the SR45 looks just like the SR9 and SR40 models. As a matter if you place an SR9 and an SR45 side by side where you can’t see the model number etched in the slide, it’s very hard to tell them apart.


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Like all the current SR models, the SR45 uses the same reversible backstrap that allows for either a flat grip or a more arched grip. The SR45 uses identical operational controls as its predecessors including the ambi thumb safety, magazine disconnect safety, loaded chamber indicator, and an ambi magazine release. From a size perspective, the SR45 is half an inch longer, half an inch taller, and weighs 4 ounces more than the SR9 model.

Ruger describes the 10 round magazine on the SR45 as a “single stack and a half” versus being a full double stack design. This keeps the overall grip size exactly the same size as the SR9/SR40 models. I’m sure Ruger could have squeezed a few more rounds into the SR45 magazine, but I actually prefer a more slim grip. The 10 round capacity also means that the SR45 can be sold in most every state.



Like previous SR versions, the SR45 also comes standard with a picatinny (accessory) rail built into the frame, which is basically a must for a modern combat pistol. The trigger pulls comes in at a modest 5lbs, but “feels” less than that. One concern on th3 SR45 model involved the low weight ratio compared to the power of the ACP round and felt recoil. From a felt recoil standpoint, shooting the SR45 is much like shooting a 1911.

Here are some of the more common questions that we’ve seen regarding holsters for the SR45:

#1 – Will the SR45 fit in a holster made for the SR9 or SR40?

The answer is yes and no. While the SR45 is very close in size to the SR9/SR40, it’s actually slightly longer and taller. As such, a holster molded specifically for the SR40 will be too short to accommodate an SR45 unless it’s an open bottom model. Any of the holster models displayed below will fit the SR45.

#2 – Do you carry any holsters to fit an SR45 equipped with a laser?

Possibly, but it would depend on the specific laser model being carried on the pistol. Call or email with the specific laser model and we are happy to try to help.

#3 – Do you offer any holsters for the SR45 equipped with a thumb strap?

Yes, several of the holster models listed below for the SR45 are available with an optional thumb break.

#4 – Are there any mag carrier models made to fit the SR45 magazines, since they are somewhat different from a traditional single and double stack magazine?

Yes, we carry magazine carriers for this model in both a single and double magazine configuration.

Any holster listed below is available in a version to fit the Ruger SR45.

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