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Ruger SR9 Compact, SR40 Compact

Given the success of the full size Ruger SR9, in January of 2010, Ruger released a smaller version called the SR9 Compact (or more commonly called the Ruger SR9C). The SR9C model was lighter and shorter than the full size model, but maintained the same grip width as the SR9 series. In June of 2011, Ruger released the SR40 Compact (commonly called the SR40C), which was the compact version of the SR40.

ruger SR9C holsters

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The fullsize version utilized a single recoil spring, while the Compact model features a dual recoil spring system. The SR9C weighs in at 24 oz. and features an overall length of 6.875”, a height of 5.00”, and the same 1.27” grip width as it’s fullsize brother. The pistol features a 3.50” barrel with an integral accessory rail that will fit most after market lights and lasers. Like the original SR9, the Compact version comes with the same adjustable, high-visibility 3-Dot sight system, which does set it apart from similar sized sub-compact competitor pistols come with fixed sights.

By default, the SR9C comes with a 17 round magazine that is almost the same size as the SR9 fullsize magazine. This includes a grip adapter that makes the grip the exact same size as the full size model. In states that have a high capacity round limitation, Ruger also offers the SR9 Compact with 2 10 round magazines. The SR40C comes with a 15 round magazine or a 9 round version for restrictive states.

The SR9C and SR40C have proved to be excellent sellers for Ruger in the concealed carry market.

From a holster standpoint, here are a few commonly asked questions about the SR9/SR40C Compact:

Do you offer a holster for the Ruger SR9C?

Any of the holsters listed below are made in a version to fit the Ruger SR9C

Where are the Ruger SR40c holsters?

Any of the holster models you see listed at the bottom of this page are available in a version to fit the Ruger SR40C pistol.

Will the SR9C and SR40C fit the same holster?

Yes, both the SR9C and the SR40C have the same dimensions so a holster made for the SR9C will fit the .40 caliber version and vice-versa.

Can you recommend or suggest a good Ruger SR9C inside waistband holster?

The most popular inside the waistband holster models that we carry for the SR9C are these models:

Don Hume H715M W/C IWB Holster

MTR Custom Adversary Clip-on IWB Holster

Don Hume H715M WCS Clip on IWB Holster with Bodyshield

Will an SR9C fit in a holster made for the full size SR9?

Yes, it will, but there will be a few inches of “extra” holster at the bottom as the Compact version is shorter than the full size. If you have both a fullsize and compact version of the SR9, then that might make sense. However, if you only have Compact model, then it probably makes more sense to get a Ruger SR9 holster.

Do you carry any IWB holsters for the SR9C?

Yes, both Don Hume and MTR Custom offer holsters made to fit the SR9C model. Popular Ruger SR9C IWB holster models from Don Hume include the H715M W/C and the H715M WCS. Top selling IWB models for the Ruger SR9 Compact at MTR Custom, include the Adversary and Dual Carry models.

Do you offer any holsters to fit an SR9C equipped with a laser?

Possibly, and the answer will depend on the specific laser model being used. MTR Custom makes a number of models to fit the SR9C carrying the Crimson Trace under barrel laser. At this time, Don Hume isn’t making any Ruger SR9C holster models to fit any weapons carrying a laser or light.

Which of the holsters listed below would be considered a Ruger SR9C concealed carry holster?

As far as concealed carry goes, inside the waistband holsters are the most popular option. So, any of the IWB holster models show below would potentially be a good concealed carry option for a Ruger SR9 Compact.

Are there any other holster models for different pistol models that are compatible with the SR9C?

Other than the full size SR9, not that we are aware of.

Any gun holster model listed below is available as a Ruger SR9C holster version.

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