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S&W Bodyguard .380

Introduced in 2011, the S&W Bodyguard .380 is considered a pioneer in pistol/laser integration. Its laser sights are manufactured by INSIGHT®, one of the world's major manufacturers of tactical lasers. As it is produced primarily for concealed carry, it is very lightweight - weighing exactly 11.85 oz unloaded. This fact alone and the gun's overall user-friendliness make it an ideal weapon for self-defense and law enforcement.

In March 2011, it was one the .380 caliber pistols which the LAPD officially assigned to their officers in order to encourage them to carry side arms even when they're off-duty. The move also sought to showcase the technological advancements in the firearms and ammunition industry, and this is one of the handguns that really took the spotlight. The LAPD, however, opted to excise the built-in laser and safety lever, as it could interfere with officer duty.

The Bodyguard's primarily polymer makeup and stainless steel finish provide it with a sophisticated and modern look. Indeed, its design and detail are what makes the S&W Bodyguard stand out among its other .380 counterparts. Besides its laser sights, it also boasts of other high-tech features such as a safety lever, adjustable sights and an indicator if its chamber is loaded or not. Its chamber capacity is average, as it can only hold standard 6 plus 1 ammo per round - an understandable fact since it is a concealment pistol.

One other feature worthy of note is that the Bodyguard is double action only and hammer-fired. This allows the user to perform a "second strike" - a capability, which makes it an ideal choice for personal protection. These features make up for the Bodyguard's slightly larger size (compared to pistols of its kind). Despite its size, it fits and can be concealed very well in holsters and is overall very comfortable to carry around. Based on a number of reviews from actual police officers who have carried the Bodyguard as a primary or secondary firearm, the carry methods that suits it best are waist-strap carry and pocket carry. Regardless of how you are going to carry it, the Bodyguard is not too difficult to cover up and handle.

Production of the original S&W Bodyguard .380 series was discontinued by S&W in 2014 in favor of the redesigned M&P Bodyguard which is designed in versions with or without an integrated laser.

Some commonly asked questions about the S&W Bodyguard .380 series:

#1 - Will a holster for the original Bodyguard .380 series fit the new M&P Bodyguard with a laser?

Not in the test fitting that we have done. The newer M&P version of the Bodyguard has a different brand of integrated laser and slightly different dimensions.

#2 - So how can I tell if I have an original Bodyguard or one of the M&P series?

The original Bodyguard series has an Insight laser and will have the Insight brand etched on the frame, while the newer M&P version will have M&P etched on the frame and reference Crimson Trace as the laser.

#3 - Does Don Hume make any holsters to fit the new M&P Bodyguard series?

Not at this time. Currently Don Hume is only producing holsters in a version to fit the original Bodyguard series.

#4 - Do you offer any holsters to fit the M&P Bodyguard .380 version?

Yes. If you are shopping for a holster for that model, please visit this link: S&W M&P Bodyguard .380

Any holster listed below is made to fit the original S&W Bodyguard .380.

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