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S&W J Frame 2 or 3 inch barrel

When people start taking about snub nosed .38 revolvers, the S&W J frame models are almost always mentioned in that conversation. When it comes to short barreled revolvers with a small frame, Smith & Wesson has had the market cornered for years. Although they are facing some stiff competition from challengers such as the Ruger LCR and the Taurus Model 85, the J frame series still remains the dominate brand in that snub nose revolver market.

The first S&W J Frame revolver with a 2" barrel to hit the market was the Model 36 in 1950. The main idea behind this model was to offer a small, concealable revolver that could easily fire the .38 special rounds, while still fitting comfortably in your hand. This initial version of the Model 36 was a huge success, and in no time at all, S&W started pumping out newer versions of the model, including a model with a 3” barrel.

Since that time, S&W has gone on to manufacture millions of these revolvers based on the J Frame design, and even produced a special version for women in 1989 which was called the “Ladysmith.” This particular "Ladysmith” model was/is available with either a 2” or 3” barrel, and has special grips on the handle that make it more comfortable for women to hold and shoot. It was a huge success for S&W, and went on to sell thousands of units around the country.

In recent years, there have been many S&W J Frame revolver models introduced to the market with different features and characteristics. They are available in different grips, different materials, and in configurations that are hammered, hammerless, or feature a bobbed hammer.

Holsters listed below are available in a model to fit the S&W J frame revolver with a 2” or 3" barrel.

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