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Sig P290 or P290RS with Sig Laser

When the Sig P290 was introduced in 201, Sig also offered a Sig laser to go along with it. The laser was offered as both a package and available as a separate item that could be purchased and added to the weapon.

sigp290-with-sig-laser.jpgThe P290RL with a laser has proven to be a popular option with Sig, and is nearly as popular as the standard Sig P290.

Some commonly asked question that we see regarding the Sig P290 with Laser:

#1 – Will a holster for the Sig P290 also fit the Sig P290 with a laser?

Unfortunately, it won’t. When the laser is added the pistol, it changes the dimensions enough that the pistol with a laser requires a holster specifically made to fit it.

#2 – I normally carry a P290 with the laser and bought a holster to fit it with a laser. Will the holster still work if I take the laser off the pistol?

Technically, it will still fit, but the pistol tends to shift around in the holster without the laser.

#3 – Do you offer an IWB holster that will fit the P290 with a laser?

Yes, and our most popular seller for IWB is this one: MTR Custom Clip-on IWB holster.

Any of the holster models listed below are offered in a version to fit the Sig P290 or P290RS with a laser:

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