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Sig P365 with Safety

The Sig P365 was a massive success for Sig, but some devoted Sig customers wanted one more feature added to the 365: a manual safety. In May of 2019, Sig answered those repeated requested by introducing the Sig P365 with Manual Safety.

Sig p365 with safety holster choices

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This handgun model is built on the original P365 and includes a manual ambidextrous safety lever mounted on both sides of the frame. It's important to note that the safety is a manual version, which means it has to be engaged and disengaged by the user to work.

If you happen to be a fan of the striker-fired P365 but are not comfortable carrying a striker-fired pistol without a safety, then the P365 with a safety might be worth checking out.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Sig P365 with safety holster options:

Will a P365 with a safety fit in a holster made for a non-safety P365?

Possibly, but there are some potential issues. If the holster does not feature a body shield (also called a sweat guard or sweat shield), then the safety version of the P365 will most likely fit. A body shield is a piece of the holster that is built into the holster and acts as a shield between the handgun and the wearer's body. It's designed to protect the wearer from the sharp edges sometimes found on various handgun models.

However, if the holster does have a body shield or sweat shield, then the P365 with manual safety most likely will not fit correctly as the body shield interferes with the safety and the fit of the holster.

Do you offer a holster for a Sig P365 with safety?

Yes, any of the holster models displayed below are made explicitly in a version to fit the Sig P365 with a safety and are built so the 365 can be carried with the safety engaged or disengaged.

Where can I find a Sig p365 manual safety pocket holster?

The two MTR Custom pocket holster models listed below are available in versions to fit the 365 with a safety.

I have a Sig P365 with safety, and I've seen holsters listed as fitting the P365 with a safety and some advertised as fitting a P365 with manual safety? What's the difference?

There is no difference. Those descriptions are just two different ways to describe the 365 with a safety. Some holster makers use the "P365 with safety" description while others use the "P365 with manual safety" description.

Can you suggest a holster for a Sig P365 with manual safety?

Any of the MTR Custom holster models that we have listed at the bottom of this page are manufactured in a version to fit that version of the P365.

Do you offer an IWB holster for Sig P365 with manual safety?

Any of the IWB holsters that we offer below are available for the safety version of the 365.

The most popular sellers for that handgun are these:

MTR Custom Adversary Clip-on IWB

MTR Custom Adversary Tuckable Clip-on IWB

MTR Custom Slimline Tuckable IWB

I have a Sig P365 without a safety. Do you carry any holsters to fit that model?

We sure do, and those can be seen here: Sig P365 holster options.

Do you offer or carry any holsters made for the P365 with safety that also has a retention strap for extra retention?

Most of the holster models listed below (except the pocket holster models) can have a retention strap or thumb break added as an option for an additional cost.

The holsters pictured below are all available in a version to fit the P365 with a manual safety.

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