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Sig P6-P225

Although gun historians disagree on exactly what year the Sig P225/P6 was first introduced by Sig Sauer, most agree that is was either 1974 or 1975. The P225/P6 is basically a single stack version of the popular Sig P220 and Sig P228/229 versions.


In 1973, the German state police were looking for a new duty pistol and laid out requirements based on a new police standard. Sig submitted a 9mm version of the P220 as it’s offering, but there were concerns about the perceived higher costs of the P220 and where or not it would meet the new police standard requirements. As a result, Sig introduced the Sig P225 chambered in 9mm, and submitted that for the German police contract, under the name of the Sig P6. Sig won the contract and became the standard side arm of the West German Police.

The differences between the P6 and P225 models:

Markings: True Sig P6 models will have a “P6” stamped on slide. This means that weapon is an authentic model produced for the West German Police. Basic P225 models do not have the P6 designation.

Trigger Pull: As part of the German police standard, the P6 models have a fairly heavy trigger pull (Believed to be 18 lbs for double action and 9 lbs for single action), while the standard P225 models built for the U.S., have a much lighter trigger pull.

Sights: The P6 series has fixed sights, while the P225 models have tritium night sights.

Trigger guard: The P6 series have a more squared off trigger guard, while the P225 models have a more rounded trigger guard like those found on the P228 or P229.

In 1995, the German Police transitioned to a new sidearm so there are a number of original German Police P6 models that made their way into the U.S. market and still show up for sale from time to time.

In 2010, Sig discontinued the P225, but decided to re-introduced an updated version called the P225-A1 to the U.S. market in 2015.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the holsters for the P225/P6:

#1 – Will a holster for the P6 version fit in a holster made for the P225?

The P6 and the P225 are basically the same pistol so they will fit into a holster made for the P225.

#2 – Do you offer any holsters to fit the P225 carrying a light or laser?

To our knowledge, the P225/P6 hasn’t been offered in a version with a picatinny rail so there’s isn’t a traditional (as in without having a gunsmith perform the work) to mount a laser or light to a P225.

#3 – I have one of the new Sig P225-A1 models. Do you offer a holster for it?

To be honest, we aren’t sure right now. Since the new P225-A1 has a more rounded trigger guard like those on the Sig P228, we aren’t sure if it’s going to fit in a holster for the original P225 (which has a more squared off trigger guard) or require it’s own fit. We’ll update this page again when we know more.

#4 – I’ve heard that the slide and frame (minus the grip) on the P225 models are basically the same as the P228, and a P225 will fit in a holster made for a P228. Is this true?

Yes and no. While the P225 is certainly very close in size to the P228 (compact double stack version of the P226), they aren’t exact. For some holster makers, you can fit a P225 in a P228 holster, and for others, they out the P225 in it’s own fit as far as holsters go.

Holsters listed below are available in a version to fit a Sig P225 or Sig P6.

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