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Sig Sauer 1911 with 3.25 Inch Barrel

Although most of the sub-compact Sig 1911 models have a barrel length of 3.3”, there are a few that were offered with a barrel length of 3.25” for a short time. Those Sig 1911 models included the following:

  • Sig Ultra 1911 Nitron
  • Sig 1911 Ultra
  • Sig 1911 Ultra Two-Tone

The current versions of these two models are offered with a 3.3” barrel, but some early models came with a 3.25” barrel.


It’s important to realize that Sig offers two versions of the 1911 in their line: One version is called the “1911 Tradition models” and the other is called the “1911” models. While they look the same (for the most part), they are actually different. With the “1911 Traditional models” series, Sig followed the frame and barrel dimensions that are found on the traditional Colt 1911 series models (Colt Government, Colt Commander, Colt Officers, and Colt Defender. On the “1911” series, Sig Sauer made changes to the frames and barrel lengths so the newer “1911” models don’t follow the frame and barrel measurements found on the “Traditional” series.

The frame differences referenced above typically involved a non-standard barrel length (such as 3.25 or 3.3”) , a slightly thicker and wider slide, and a trigger guard that is wider than a standard 1911. These changes are typically not noticeable unless you break out the calipers and start taking measurements, or until you try to holster one of the Sig versions into a holster made for a traditional 1911 version.

So what does this mean from a holster standpoint? It means that a 1911 model from the “Traditional” series will fit holsters made for the traditional series, but the newer Sig “1911” series won’t. They require a holster molded specifically for the newer “1911” series.

Here are some commonly asked questions about holsters for the Sig 1911 with a 3.25” barrel:

#1 – I have a Sig 1911 Ultra Two-Tone with a 3.25” barrel. Will it fit a holster made for a Colt Defender 3”?

Unfortunately, it won’t as the holster is made to fit a traditional 3” 1911, and the holster is too short to accommodate the 3.25” barrel.

#2 – Will a holster made for a Colt Officers with a 3.5” barrel fit?

Yes, but not very well. The 3.25” Sig 1911 will most likely be very tight in the holster and you’ll have .25” of an inch (1/4”) of extra holster as the pistol is shorter than the holster. In a pinch, this holster would probably work, but there are better options on the market that will offer a more precise fit.

#3 - I have a new Sig 1911 with a 3.3" barrel. Do you have any holsters to fit that?

Yes, holsters to fit the 3.3" Sig 1911 models can be found here.

#4 – What holsters do you offer to fit the Sig 1911 with a 3.25” barrel?

Any of the holsters listed below are available in a version to this weapon and are specifically molded off a Sig 1911 with a 3.25” barrel mold for an exact fit.

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