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Sig Sauer 1911 with 3.3 Inch Barrel

While Sig Sauer has been offering 1911 models for years, they took a slightly different path about 5 years ago and started offering two distinct 1911 families or series of pistols. Those series included:

Sig 1911 Ultra Compact Holster 3.3 Barrel Options

Scroll down to see all the holsters available for the Sig 1911 models with a 3.3 inch barrel (Also called the Sig 1911 Ultra Compact)

So what’s the difference? The Traditional series is built to the same specs and dimensions as most traditional 1911 models (Government, Commander, Officers, etc.), while the 1911 series is a completely different beast. The Sig “1911 series” consists of 1911 models that are loosely built on the traditional 1911 concept but have what Sig calls “enhancements” that included a different extractor, different frames, and different barrel lengths.

For example, take the Sig 1911 with a 3.3” barrel: This model doesn’t follow any of the standard dimensions that a traditional 1911 aficionado would expect to see. The barrel length is a hybrid as it’s longer than a traditional 3” 1911 but shorter than the 3.5 barrel found on a traditional Officers 1911. The frame/slide are different as well. It’s a 1911 really in concept only.

The 3.3 inch barrel length really pertains to the following Sig 1911 models:

  • 1911 Ultra Nitron
  • 1911 Ultra Two-Tone
  • 1911 Tribal Compact

Here are some of the more common holster questions that we see regarding the Sig 1911 with a 3.3” barrel:

Will my Sig Ultra Two-Tone with a 3.3” barrel with a holster made for a Colt Defender or any other traditional 3” 1911?

Probably not and here’s why: The Sig 1911 models have a slightly wider frame (and a few other differences in the frame) when compared to the traditional Colt Defender style 1911 so the Sig is going to be very tight in the holster. Second, the barrel length on the Sig is 3.3” which is longer than the holster for the Defender which is 3”. It might work with an open bottom holster but won’t work with a closed bottom or semi-closed bottom holster.

Will a 3.3” Sig 1911 fit a holster made for a 3.5” 1911?

That’s probably a better choice over trying to fit one in a 3” 1911 holster, however, the fit most likely isn’t going to be great for the reasons mentioned above.

I have an older Sig 1911 Ultra Compact with a 3.25” barrel. Do you offer anything to fit that model?

Yes, holsters for the 3.25” models are located here.

What do you recommend for the 3.3 inch models?

It really depends on what you want, but any of the holsters listed below are good options. For CCW, the MTR Tuckable Adversary Clip-on IWB is a popular seller.

I want something for my Sig Ultra that has a thumb break for added retention. Do you have anything that will fit?

Any of the MTR holster models below can have an optional thumb break added (at a slight upcharge). It’s important to note that the default thumb break configuration from MTR is designed so the thumb break rides over the back of the slide with the 1911 is carried in the cocked and locked position. Please contact us before ordering if you want a hammer down thumb break configuration as its not available for all 1911 models.

I have a Sig 1911 with a 4.2" barrel. Do you have any holsters to fit that?

Holster options to fit the Sig 1911 models with a 4.2 inch barrel can be seen here.

Any of the holster models displayed below are available in a version to fit any of the Sig 1911 models with a 3.3” barrel.

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