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Sig Sauer 1911 with 4.2 Inch Barrel

As part of Sig’s enhanced series of 1911 models, Sig introduced a number of models that feature a 4.2” barrel instead of the traditional 4.25 inch version found on the Colt Commander 1911 model.

It’s important to understand that the differences between the 4.2 inch Sig models and the traditional 4 ¼” 1911 models goes much deeper than just the differences in barrel length. The Sig 4.2” 1911 models have a slightly thicker frame compared to a standard 1911 and the trigger guard on the Sig model is wider as well.


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The current Sig 1911 models offered in a 4.2” barrel configuration includes (but isn’t limited to) the following models:

  • Sig 1911 Carry Nitron
  • Sig 1911 C3
  • Sig 1911 Fastback Carry Nightmare
  • Sig 1911 Compact Nickel
  • Sig 1911 Carry Spartan
  • Sig 1911 Fastback Carry

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding the Sig 1911 models with a 4.2” barrel:

#1 – Will my Sig 1911 Carry with a 4.2” barrel fit into a holster made for a traditional Colt Commander?

Well the Colt Commander holster should be built for a 4.25 inch barrel, so in theory the holster is long enough. The issue really is the Sig 4.2 inch models have slightly different dimensions (frames, trigger guard, etc.) compared to a traditional Colt Commander 1911, so the fit may not be all that great. There’s quite a bit of differences between the different holster brands as to how tightly holsters are molded so there could be some brands that might work and some brands that won’t work. We tried test fitting a 4.2” Sig 1911 into a Don Hume holster made for a Colt Commander and the Sig wouldn’t fit into the holster.

#2 – I have a Sig 1911 Carry Scorpion, which is a 4.2” model with a rail. Do you offer anything to fit that model? I know the gun won’t fit in a holster made for a non-railed 1911?

MTR does offer holsters made for the Sig 4.2” models with a rail so any holster listed below is also made in a version to fit your pistol.

#3 – I have a Sig 1911 4.2 barrel with a rail and I’m running a Streamlight TLR3 on the gun too. Do you have a holster to fit that?

Yes, any of the MTR holster listed below are also made in a version to fit a fit your 4.2” Sig 1911 with a rail and carrying a number of different lights or laser, including the TLR-3.

#4 – I’m interested in a holster with a retention strap for my Sig 4.2” as I ride a motorcycle. Do you have anything that will work?

Yes, any of the MTR holsters have an optional thumb break that can be added to the holster. Please note that the standard thumb break that MTR builds for any single action gun (like the 1911) is made to fit the pistol in the cocked and locked position, with the thumb break going over the back of the slide while the hammer is cocked. If you want a different thumb break configuration, like hammer down carry, please contact us BEFORE ordering so we can confirm the fit.

#5 - I'm a fan of Don Hume holsters, but don't see any listed below for this Sig 191 model? Why?

Unfortunately, Don Hume doesn't officially offer any holster to fit the enhanced Sig 1911 models. As mentioned above, we tried testing fitting a 4.2 Sig 1911 into a Don Hume holster made for the Colt Commander, but the results weren't great.

Any of the holster models shown below are available in a version to fit the Sig 1911 models with a 4.2 inch barrel.

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