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Sig Sauer Mosquito

Coming on the market in 2005, the Sig Mosquito is one of two dedicated 22 caliber handguns offered by Sig Sauer (the other dedicated Sig 22 handgun is the Sig 1911-22). The concept behind the Mosquito was fairly simple: offer a dedicated 22 caliber handgun that was comparable in size to the more popular Sig handguns (so not a miniature 22 handgun) and offered the same or similar controls found on most Sigs.

Sig Mosquito Holster options

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The idea fueling the Sig Mosquito full-size 22 concept was twofold:

  • It would offer a “training” gun of sorts for new shooters (and more experienced shooters as well)
  • Being chambered in 22 LR, the Mosquito would cost less to shoot versus a center fire Sig.

The Mosquito had some success and some failures as there were complaints about the overall functionality, issues with extraction, and being very finicky with ammo. Ultimately, Sig expanded the Mosquito line and began offering the following:

  • Sport Model with a 5”barrel
  • Threaded barrel version
  • Models with assorted colors such as camo, two-tone, FDE, pink, etc.

Sig discontinued production of the Mosquito in 2015, and sold the licensing rights to German Sport Guns GmBH. The Mosquito is now produced under the GSG name.

Here are some of the more common questions that we saw associated with holsters for the Mosquito:

Will the Mosquito fit in a holster made for a Sig P226 or P220?

While the Mosquito is advertised as being a “full size” handgun and modeled after the Sig P226, it’s not the exact same size as 226. The Mosquito is actually marketed as being “10%” smaller than the P226, so it won’t fit in a holster made for a 226/220.

What holsters do you offer for the Mosquito with a threaded barrel?

Any of the holsters displayed below are made in a version to fit the Mosquito with a threaded barrel (with a small upcharge for the threaded barrel option).

I have a Mosquito with a laser. Do you offer any Sig Sauer mosquito holster models to fit that?

It really depends on the laser or light on the gun. If MTR has a mold for the specific laser or light you are running, then they can offer a holster for that set-up. To see the most update list of lasers or lights supported, check out the dropdown menu below labeled “Please Choose a Laser or Light Option”.

Any of the holsters listed below can be produced in a version to fit the Sig Mosquito.

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