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Sig Sauer P220 Compact

Introduced by Sig Sauer in 2010, the P220 Compact came to be based on two main factors:

  1. Sig fans wanted a slightly more compact version of the P220 45 ACP for concealed carry, law enforcement plainclothes carry, and off duty.
  2. It was a replacement of sorts for the discontinued Sig P245


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The P220 Compact offered the same mechanics and controls of a full size P220, but had a slightly shorter barrel and slide (3.9 inches versus 4.4” inches on a standard model). The grip was slightly shorter as well resulting in the Compact version using a 6 round magazine (with a capacity of 6+1) compared to the 8 round magazine used in the standard P220. The compact model will also accommodate an 8 round magazine from the larger P220 Carry and the P220 full-size.

Since its inception, the P220 Compact has been produced in a number of variants, including:

  • A standard blued model with a beavertail
  • A two-tone model with a beavertail
  • A blued model without a beavertail, but with an accessory rail
  • A stainless steel version without a beavertail, but with a rail
  • A 1st generation and 2nd generation versions was introduced that had Sig SRT (short reset trigger) and SAS (Sig Anti-Snag) treatment

Most P220 Compact models had the standard Sig trigger, but a select few were also available with the DAK trigger, and a few supposedly had the Sig SAO (single action only trigger)

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding holsters for the Sig P220 Compact:

#1 – Do you offer any holsters for the P220 Compact?

Yes, any holster on this page is available in version specifically made to fit the Sig P220 Compact with or without rails.

#2 – I have a Sig P220 Compact SAS Gen2. Do you have a holster for it, and what’s the different between it and Gen 1 version?

The SAS version fits in a holster made for a standard Sig P220 Compact just fine. From our understanding, here are the differences between the P220 SAS Gen 1 and Gen 2: The Gen1 model had the DAK trigger, wooden grips, and a full beavertail. The Gen2 model had the Sig DA/SA SRT trigger (short reset), shortened beavertail, and no wood grips (plastic, we think). The box on the Gen2 models will actually say “SAS2” on them.

#3 – Will a P220 Compact fit in a holster made for the standard P220?

Yes, it will, but you’ll end up with just over half an inch of extra holster at the bottom.

#4 – I have a Sig P220 Compact with a Sig rail. Do you offer anything to fit that?

Yes, the holster mold used to produce holster models for the Sig P220 Compact series is a railed model, so it will fit both railed or non-rail P220 Compact models.

#5 - Will the Sig P220 Compact fit in a holster made for the newer Sig P220 Carry?

Since the barrel and slide length on the P220 Carry is the same size as the one found on the P220 Compact, a Compact model will fit in a holster made for the Carry and vice-versa.

Any holster listed below is available in a version to fit the Sig P220 Compact with or without a rail.

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