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Sig Sauer P227

In an effort to compete with other high capacity .45 ACP handguns on the market, Sig Sauer introduced the P227 to the market in January of 2013. With more and more law enforcement agencies migrating to the 45 ACP calibers, the P227 was designed to target that market.Sig P227 Holster Options

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Although the P227 looks very similar to the popular P220, the P227 carries a double stack magazine while the P220 only accepts single stack magazines. This gives the basic P227 a magazine capacity of 10 rounds versus the 7 or 8 round capacity of the P220.

Operationally, the P227 has the same controls and functions like any other pistol in the Sig P series family. Like most all the Sig P series handguns, the P227 is a double action/single action style pistol where the first round fired is based on a double action trigger pull and any subsequent shots operate on a single action trigger pull since the hammer is already in the cocked position.

The Sig P227 was offered in the following configurations:

  • P227 Nitron - the basic P227 model
  • P227 TACOPS – A higher capacity version of the P227 with 14+1 magazines.
  • P227 SAS – A more compact version of the P227 with a 3.9” barrel and 10 round magazines.
  • P227 Enhanced Elite – Features the Short Reset Trigger (SRT).
  • P227 Carry – Similar to the SAS model as it also has a shorter 3.9 barrel.
  • P227 Tactical – Features the SRT trigger and a threaded barrel.

Unfortunately, Sig opted to discontinue the entire P227 series at the end of 2019.

Here are some commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the Sig P227:

Will a SIG P227 fit in a Sig P226 holster? 

Our experience has been yes and no. Although the P227 and the P220/P226 have similar dimensions, they aren’t exactly the same. As such, we’ve seen some situations where the a holster made for the P220 would fit a P227 reasonably well, and we’ve seen others where it wouldn’t fit well at all.

For example, a Don Hume holster made for the P220/P226 series does not seem to fit a P227 well at all. The fit is extremely tight and the weapon is very hard to draw. We’ve had much better luck recommending holsters that are actually molded specifically to the P227.

I have a P227 Carry but don’t see many places offering a holster for it. Will a Holster for the P227 fit my P227 Carry model?

Yes, it will. However, the standard P227 has a 4.4 inch barrel while the Carry model as a 3.9 in inch barrel. The P227 holster will fit, but you’ll have nearly half an inch of extra holster past the barrel. We do carry holsters for the P227 Carry model, and those can be seen here.

I know the P227 is a good size weapon. How well does it conceal?

The answer really depends on several factors like your individual body type, typical climate, and your own definition of “conceal”. Surprisingly, we sell quite a few IWB holster for the P227 so it’s not all that uncommon as a CCW pistol.

Does Don Hume offer any holsters to fit the P227 or P227 Carry?

At this time, Don Hume isn’t officially offering any holsters for the P227 or 227 Carry. Don Hume follows Sig Sauer’s guidelines and suggests that the P227 can fit in a P226 or P220 holster.

However, as stated previously, we don’t really find that to be a great solution and we’ve been in discussions with Don Hume about offering a specific set of P227 holsters molded to a P227.

Can you recommend a good OWB holster for the P227?

Two of the more popular OWB holster models that we sell for the P227 include the MTR Custom Belt Scabbard and the MTR Custom Deluxe Full Size Quicksnap.

Do you have or carry a Sig P227 holster with light?

Most any of the MTR Custom holster models listed down below are available in a configuration to fit a Sig P227 with a tactical light or light/laser combo mounted. MTR Custom can support tac lights made by most of the mainstream light brands (Streamlight, Surefire, etc.).

However, not all the tactical light brands and models are the same size, so MTR molds those holsters to the P227 with the specific light model attached to ensure a perfect fit. tactical lights It depends on the light model and holster model. Give us a call and we are happy to see if we can help.

Can you make anything to fit the Sig P227 Tactical with the threaded barrel?

Yes, MTR can do a holster to fit the P227 Tactical with the threaded barrel but there’s a slightly upcharge to accommodate the threaded barrel. The P227 Tactical with a threaded barrel is an option listed on the dropdown menu for most all the MTR holsters.

Do you have any Sig P227 SAS holster options?

Any of the MTR Custom holster models displayed below can be done in a version to fit the Sig P227 SAS handgun.

Any holster listed below is available in a version to fit the Sig P227:

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