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Sig Sauer P230, P232

The Sig P230 was introduced in 1977 and originally chambered in .32 caliber and .380 caliber versions. Sig designed the P230 as a competitor for the Walther PPK (the 230 actually favors the PPK in frame size and overall design, but won’t fit in a holster made for a PPK). Originally, the P230 was available in a blued version or with a stainless steel finish. The stainless steel version weighed more, but proved to be the more popular seller over the years.

sig-p230ss.jpg sig-p232-blued.jpg
Sig P230 Stainless Steel Sig P232 Blued


The P230 can with a “European” style magazine release (on the heel of the grip), and featured a DA/SA action with a decoking lever that is typical of most current Sig DA/SA models. The 230 was available with either a 7 round magazine in .380, or an 8 round model for the .32 caliber. While the P230 was considered a success, the 230 wasn’t without complaints that included a dislike of the euro magazine release and reports of the 230 being very finicky with ammo. The P230 was in production at Sig from 1977 and was replaced by the Sig P232 in 1996.

The Sig P232 is really nothing more than an updated version of the P230 with some enhancements. According to Sig engineers, the P232 has around 60 changes/improvements (both internally and externally), and just a few of changes include:

  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Deeper Slide serrations
  • The addition of 3 dot sights (including night sights on newer models)
  • Feed ramp changes to better accommodate hollow point ammo
  • The addition of a firing pin block on the P232
  • Grip panels are wider and more full for folks with larger hands
  • The P232 is/was only available in .380, while the P230 had a .32 version as well

When the P232 was first introduced in 1996, it was available in a stainless steel version and a blued version. Today, the P232 is only available in a blued version.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the Sig P230/P232:

#1 – Will a Sig P230 or P232 fit a holster made for a Walther PPK or PPKS?

While the 230 and the 232 look similar to the Walther PPK or PPKS, neither will fit a holster made for either Walther handgun (at least not like it should). The dimensions on the Sig models are slightly different so they really require a holster specifically made for them.

#2 – Will the Sig P230 and the P232 fit in the same holster?

Yes, they have the same dimensions so both models will fit into a holster made for the 230 or the 232.

#3 – I have a Sig P232 Stainless and I read somewhere that the stainless model won’t fit into a holster made for the standard (non-stainless) P232, as it requires a special holster made for it. Is this correct?

While the stainless steel version of the P232 is heavier than the blued model, the dimensions are the same, so it fits a holster made for a 230 or 232.

#4 – I’m looking for a holster with a thumb break for my P230. What do you have?

There are a few holster models listed below that will fit the P230/P232 and have a thumb break. Plus, most any MTR holster listed below has an option where a thumb break can be added to the holster for a small upcharge.

#5 - I have an older Sig P230 in .32 ACP, but most of the holsters being made today are designed to fit the .380 model. Do you have anything to fit my .32 ACP version?

Yes, since the .32 ACP and .380 models are the same size, your .32 ACP version will fit a holster made for any of the P230 or P232 models.

#6 - Do you have a Sig P232 ankle holster?

Yes, the following ankle holster is available in a version to fit the Sig P230 or the P232: Don Hume H760 Ankle Holster.

#7 - What's the best holster for the Sig P230?

We get these "what's the best holster for XXXX" questions on a regular basis and they are hard to answer as "best" in really dependent on an opinion. Instead of taking that approach, we always suggest that you look for the best holster for your specific needs.

Any of the gun holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the Sig P230 or the Sig P232.

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