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Sig Sauer P290, P290RS

The Sig P290 was introduced by Sig in 2011, and was advertised as a “sub-compact 9mm”. The “sub-compact” moniker is open to debate, especially compared to the more popular Sig P938, which is only slightly larger. From a technical specs perspective, the P290 is the smallest 9mm that Sig currently offers.


While the P290 had a successful launch, there were a number of reported issues with light primer strikes and FTF issues. Many of the first generation models ended up being sent back to Sig for work.

In May of 2012, Sig introduced the 2nd generation of the Sig P290, called the P290RS. The P290RS featured a slightly redesigned trigger system that addressed the issues commonly found on the 1st generation guns. Other than the newer trigger system and a few cosmetic changes, the RS model has the same dimensions as the 1st generation.

Both generations are designed on a Browning type tilting barrel system with a double action only firing system. The P290 and P290Rs come with a 6 round magazine and an aftermarket 8 round magazine.

Here are some of the more commonly asked question that we see regarding the Sig P290 and P290RS:

#1 – Will the P290 and the P290RS model fit in the same holster?

Since those 2 models are exactly same size, they will fit the same holster.

#2 – I’m interested in a Don Hume holster for my P290, but I don’t see any listed?

Right now, Don Hume isn’t offering any holster models to fit the P290 or P290RS.

#3 – Can you recommend any CCW holsters for the P290?

One of our most popular sellers for the P290 is this model: MTR Custom Clip-On IWB Holster.

#5 – I have the Sig P290RS with the Sig laser. Do you offer a holster to fit that?

Yes, we do offer a holster to fit the Sig P290 carrying a Sig laser, and those can be seen here.

All the holsters seen below are made to fit the P290 or P290RS.

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