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Sig Sauer P938 with Crimson Trace LaserGuard

When the Sig P938 9mm was introduced to the market in 2011, Sig owners were ready and waiting with open wallets. The earlier success of the P238 in .380 had paved the way for the 938 as fans were patiently waiting for a 9mm version of the 238 series.


Given the immediate success of the P938, it was really just a matter of time as to how quickly a laser manufacturer would be able to get a proven laser design for the 938 to the market. Crimson Trace won that battle, introducing a red laser model for the 938, called the LG-492 LaserGuard model, in June of 2011. Sig followed next, introducing a Sig brand laser for the P938. The success of the red Crimson Trace laser, led Crimson trace to introduce a green laser model (called the LG-492G LaserGuard) in 2015.

It’s important to note that, although Crimson Trace offers lasers and laser grips, only an underbarrel laser version, called a “LaserGuard”, is currently available for the Sig P938.

Here are some commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the Sig P938 with a Crimson Trace LaserGuard laser.

I have a P938 with a Crimson Trace LG-492 and I carry the pistol with and without the laser attached. Do you have a holster that will fit both set-ups (with or without the laser attached)?

To be honest, not really. While we offer holsters to fit the P938 with a CT laser, it doesn’t fit a non-lasered P938 very well due to the extra space in the holster where the laser fits. A non-lasered P938 moves around a bit in the holster and the fit is very loose. For a scenario like that, your best bet will be to purchase a holster for the lasered version and the non-lasered version.

I have a 938 with the green Crimson Trace LG-492G. Will that fit a holster made for the 938 with a red CT laser?

Not really, and here’s why: the green version (LG-492G) is actually larger than the red version (LG-492) so you really need a holster made specifically for the 938 with the green LG-492G for it to fit really well.

Do you sell many IWB holsters for the P938 with a Crimson Trace laser?

Actually, we do. As far as holsters for the 938 with a CT attached, IWB is one of the more popular options that we sell. Adding the CT laser to the 938 really only adds just a little bit to the overall size of the 938.

Do you have any holsters made for a Sig P938 without a laser?

Yes, and those holsters can be seen here: Sig P938 Holsters.

Any holster listed below is available in a version to fit the Sig P938 with a Crimson Trace red (LG-492) or green (LG-492G) laser.

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