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Sig Sauer SP2340

The Sig SP2340 was introduced to the market in June of 1988, and has the distinction of being the first polymer framed pistol that Sig ever produced. The 2340 is part of the Sig Sauer Pro line that was loosely based on the classic legacy Sig series (P220, P226, P228, P229), and designed as more lightweight and less expensive duty pistol for American law enforcement.


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Given that the 2340 was designed to target the LEO market, is was first offered in a .40 S&W caliber as this was believed to be an up and coming LEO round at that time. A .357 Sig version of the SP2340 was released a few months later (and Sig opted to keep the 2340 name on that model versus changing it to fit the caliber). In 1989, Sig introduced a 9mm version of the pistol and called it the SP2009.

Like the more popular P series of Sig pistols, the 2340 is a hammer fired DA/SA model without a manual safety. It does utilize a decocking level (similar to the more popular steel based Sig P series models), a trigger bar disconnect, and a firing pin lock as safety features. Operationally, the 2340 has similar controls and functions like the P226. Sig also offered a SRT (short rest trigger) kit for the 2340 as well.

Unfortunately, the 2340 never really caught on in the American LEO market, so, when the Sig SP2022 was introduced in 2003, the SP2340 and SP2009 were discontinued from production.

Here are some common questions that we see regarding holsters for the Sig SP2340:

#1 – Do you offer any holsters to fit the SP2340?

Yes, any of the holsters listed below are available in a version to fit the SP2340.

#2 – Will the SP2340 fit in a holster made for the SP2009?

Since the SP2340 and SP2009 have the exact same dimensions, a 2009 will fit into a holster for a 2340 and vice-versa. The only difference between the two models is caliber.

#3 – Will an SP2340 fit into a holster for the SP2022?

No, it will not. The SP2340 features a Sig based picatinny rail in the frame while the SP2022 features a more traditional, and larger, 1913 based picatinny rail. Here's a link to all the Sig SP2022 holster models we carry.

#4 – Do you offer any mag carriers to fit an SP2340?

Yes, we do and they can be seen by following this link.

#5 – I have an SP2340 but don’t understand the differences between it and the SP2022? Aren’t they basically the same model?

Although the two models are similar, the SP2022 is really considered an upgrade over the SP2340. The most obvious differences are as follows:

(1)    The SP2022 uses a mil-spec 1913 picatinny rail which is compatible with any 1913 accessory, while the SP2340 uses a Sig rail. This means that the 2340 can only work natively with Sig based accessories (lights/laser), or requires an adapter to use 1913 accessories.

(2)    The SP2340 only came in a 40 caliber or 357 Sig caliber, while the SP2022 comes in 9, 40 and 357 versions.

(3)    The trigger guard on the SP2340 is more rounded, while the trigger guard on the SP2022 is more squared to allow for finger placement.

Any holster listed below is available in a version to fit a Sig SP2340.

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