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Springfield 911 9mm

Ever since Springfield Arms introduced the 911 .380 pistol in 2018, Springfield fans have been asking for a 9mm version. In late 2019, Springfield made those requests a reality when they introduced the Springfield 911 in 9mm. This model offered all the features and functions of the .380 version but was chambered in 9mm.

 Springfield 911 9mm Holster Models

Click here to see all the Springfield 911 9mm holster models that we carry

The 9mm version is currently offered in 5 configurations, including:

  • The base 911 9mm (Part number PG9119)
  • A stainless-steel version (Part number PG9119S)
  • A blued version with factory Hogue grips (Part number PG9119H)
  • A stainless version with factory Viridian laser grips (Part number PG922SVG)
  • A blued version with factory Viridian laser grips (Part number PG9119VG)

At the 2020 SHOT show, Springfield reps also mentioned that they have plans for additional 9mm versions to be released later in 2020.

The Springfield 911 9mm models are being shipped with one (1) 6 round flush fitting magazine, and one (1) 7 round magazine. Springfield also mentioned plans for an extended magazine with a 9-round capacity later in 2020.

In terms of comparing the .380 version to the 9mm version, the 9mm version is slightly larger (which is to be expected):

  • 9mm height is 3.9 while the .380 is the same
  • 9mm length is 5.9” compared to the .380 mode being 5.5”
  • 9mm barrel length is 3” compared to the .380 barrel length being 2.7”
  • The 9mm version weighs 15.3 ounces (unloaded) compared to the .380 weighing 12.6 ounces (unloaded)

From an operational and features standpoint, the 9mm version is almost exactly the same as the .380 model, with the same sights options, and optional Viridian grip laser.

As one would expect, the 9mm version produces a snappier recoil than its .380 brother, but it’s not so much that shooters are calling it “unpleasant”. But this isn’t really designed as range gun anyway, it’s a close quarter self-defense pistol.

Here are some of the more common questions that we’ve seen so far regarding Springfield 1911 9mm holsters:

#1 – Will a Springfield 911 in 9mm fit into a holster made for the 911 in .380?

If we’re talking about form fitted holsters, the answer is no as the 911 in 9mm is larger than the 911 in .380.

#2 – Do you offer or carry any Springfield 911 9mm pocket holster models?

We do as the following two pocket holster models are made in a version to fit the 911 in 9mm.



#3 – I have a new Springfield 911 in 9mm with the Viridian laser grips, and I can’t find a holster for it anywhere. Do you have anything that will fit that model?

Yes, we do. While any of the holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the Springfield 911 in 9mm, they are also available in a version to fit the 911 9mm with the Viridian laser grips.

#4 – I’m looking for a Springfield 911 9mm leather holster. I don’t want the hard plastic. Do you have anything that will work?

All the holsters listed below are made from bullhide leather and all are available in a model to fit the 9mm version of the Springfield 911.

#5 – Do you carry or make any holsters for the Springfield 911 9mm model?

Yes, any holster listed on this page is made in a version to fit a Springfield 911 in 9mm.

#6 – I’m looking for an OWB holster for a Springfield 911 in 9mm with a security strap. Do you have anything like that?

Any of the OWB holster models listed below can be done with an optional thumb break (retention strap) for the 911 pistol in 9mm. Note that, since the 911 is a single action pistol, the thumb break can be configured to snap closed when the 911 is carried with the hammer cocked (commonly called Cocked & Locked carry, or C&L carry) or with the hammer being carried down (commonly called Hammer Down carry or HD carry).

#7 – Where are you Springfield 911 9mm IWB holster models?

Any of the IWB holster models listed below are available for the 911 in 9mm. The most popular IWB models of the 911 in 9mm are these:



#8 – Will a mag carrier made for the Springfield 911 in .380 also fit the 911 9mm magazines?

It’s been our experience that the .380 magazine carriers for the 911 are too small to fit the 911 9mm magazines. We do offer magazine carriers made specifically for the 9mm version, and those can be seen below as well.

#9 – Do you have a Springfield 911 9mm shoulder holster?

Not yet, but we are working on that.

#10 – I like paddle holsters but am having trouble finding a Springfield 911 9mm paddle holster? Do you offer one?

We do offer a paddle holster that is available for the Springfield 911 in 9mm, and it can be seen here:


#11 – I have a Springfield 911 in 9mm in the stainless steel, and I’ve read online that the SS model is larger than the blued 911 in 9mm, so it requires a different holster? Is this correct?

Our experience has been that the 911 9mm in stainless steel is the same size and has the same dimensions as the blued version, so it fits a holster made for the blued version.

#12 - I know Springfield makes the 911 in 9mm, but I have the .380 version. Do you offer any holsters to fit that model?

Any of the holsters listed on this page are made to fit the Springfield 911 in.380:  https://www.gunnersalley.com/springfield-911-holster/

#13 – Call me crazy, but none of the holsters pictured below look like they are made to fit the 911 in 9mm. Some of the pics don’t even look they are made for a semi-automatic pistol? Why?

So, the images that we use for each holster model are just sample pics. They are not specific pictures of that holster made for a 911 in 9mm. However, the holster that you receive will be specifically made for and molded for a Springfield 911 in 9mm.

Any if the gun holster models listed below are made in a version to fit the Springfield 911 in 9mm:

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