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Springfield 911 380

Springfield Armory introduced the Springfield 911 .380 at the 2018 SHOT show, and it was designed for the concealed carry market as a sub-compact .380 built on a single action platform. However, given that there are many other sub-compact single action 380 models already on the market (such as the Sig P238 and Kimber Micro 380), some in the gun industry questioned the logic in introducing another single action 380 this late in the game.

Springfield 911 holster options

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But, according to Springfield, their engineers were not trying to introduce a single action 380 just for the sake of having one available. They were trying to offer a single action 380 that was more comfortable to shoot (as most are a challenge), had controls that would work for both RH or LH shooters, and was accurate and dependable. In order to accomplish those goals, Springfield expanded on the success of the Springfield EMP series (which includes 18 separate design patents) and carried those patents and features over to the Springfield 911 series.

Many people just assume that the 911 is basically just a scaled down 1911 that is chambered in .380, but Springfield says that isn’t the case. While the Springfield 911 does share a number of common characteristics of most single action 1911 models, it was built as a unique product with its own design patents.

As mentioned before, the Springfield 911 is a single action pistol that is currently only chambered in .380. The 911 is currently available in 4 versions, including the following:

  • Model PG9109 – The standard 911 with a black aluminum frame and black slide.
  • Model PG9109VG – This model is the same as the PG9109 but also features green Viridian laser grips.
  • Model PG9109S – A version of the standard 911 with a black aluminum frame mated to a stainless steel slide.
  • Model PG9109SVG – This version is the same as the stainless steel PG9109S model with the addition of factory installed green Viridian laser grips.

So how does the 911 compare to the other single action 380 models on the market?

The overall size is very similar to the Sig P238 as both have a barrel length of 2.70 inches with an overall length. These dimensions put the 911 being slightly smaller than the Kimber Micro 380 and the Colt Mustang XSP.

The controls on the 911 seem to be a little more advanced than most other single action 380 models as the 911 actually had an ambidextrous thumb safety on both sides of the slide. While most other single action 380 models only use a single safety (targeting RH shooters), the 911 works equally well for RH or LH shooters.

Springfield markets the 911 as having a 5 lb trigger with a short reset and a Hogue G10 trigger shoe. Various range reports indicate that the 911 did have a trigger pull weight of 5-6 lbs and, overall, the trigger action (pull, reset, manipulation) received high marks.

As part of the plan to make the 911 shoot a little softer, Springfield introduced a patented recoil system. Felt recoil has always been a potential issue with subcompact single action 380 pistols, as excessive felt recoil impacts accuracy and speed on follow-up shots. Range reports put the 911 as being very manageable to shoot, with a felt recoil that was “less than expected”.

All the various 911 models come with Ameriglow night sights with rear green tritium with a yellow front ring. I like Ameriglow sights and these get especially high marks for being easy to pick up with rapid target acquisition.

The Springfield 911 models come two magazines, including a flush fitting 6 rounder and a 7 round model with a pinky extension. The one complaint (and it’s common with subcompact 380’s) that was mentioned on the 911 centers on folks with larger hands having trouble getting a “full” grip on the 911 with the flush fitted 6 round magazine. Range testers reported that the extended 7 round magazine allowed for a much better grip if your hands were on the larger side.

In terms of safety features, the 911 is equipped with an ambidextrous thumb safety, and a loaded chamber indicator (which isn’t really common on subcompact single action 380’s).

Here are some of the more common questions that we’ve seen regarding Springfield 911 holster options:

#1 – Since the Springfield basically looks just like a Sig P238, will it fit into a holster made for the Sig P238?

Even though the barrel length and overall length of the 911 and the Sig P238 looks to be the same, the two pistols have different frames with different dimensions. Don Hume actually tried test fitting the 911 in a Sig P238 holster, but the fit wasn’t good. Due to the frame differences, the Springfield 911 won’t fit in a holster made for the Sig P238 (at least not well). Now the magazine carriers are a different story as we’ve found that the 911 magazines will fit into a magazine carrier made for the Sig P238. Now if you landed on this page and are actually shopping for a Sig P238 holster, go here: Sig P238 holsters.

#2 – Do you offer any Springfield 911 pocket holster models?

Actually we do, and those models are listed below:





#3 – I’m not really comfortable carrying the 911 cocked and locked without having a thumb break that goes over the back of the slide and in between the slide and the hammer. Do you offer anything that works that way?

Yes and no. Don Hume is fitting for the Springfield 911 and any holster they offer with a thumb break is made to fit the 911 being carried in the cocked and locked position. MTR also offers holsters for the 911 and you can add an optional thumb break to several of their models as well. However, MTR currently only had the 911 mold gun in the hammer down carry position so, currently, they can only offer thumb breaks on holsters for the 911 in the hammer down only position right now. MTR is working to get their hands on a C&L mold of the 911 and we’ll update this page if and when that occurs.

#4 – I recently purchased one the Springfield 911 models with the Viridian laser grips. Do you offer a holster to fit it?

Yes, we do. Most any MTR Custom holster listed below is available in a version to fit the Springfield 911 .380 with Viridian Laser Grips. Now there are some of the Don Hume holster models that will also fit the 911 with laser grips, but we haven’t had the chance to test fit all the Don Hume line yet to identify those holster models.

#5 – Although this page is about holsters for the Springfield 911, I don’t see a Springfield 911 pistol shown in any of the holsters listed below? Are these holsters really made to fit the 911?

The weapons shown in the holsters below are for really demonstration purposes only. The holster models listed on this page are specifically made to fit the Springfield 911 .380 even though the 911 380 is not pictured in the holster. We do our best to photograph as many gun/holster combinations as possible, however we do not own every single handgun model on the market. As a result, we are not able to show every possible combination.

Any holster listed below is available in a Springfield 911 holster version.

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