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Walther P22

The Walther P22 model introduced by Walther Arms in 2003, and was designed to target the hobby shooting market, and serve as a less expensive training option for fans of the Walther P99. The P22 is basically a scaled down version of the larger Walther P99, and has many of the same controls. Aside from the size differences (the P22 is 25% smaller than the P99), the P22 has a few control differences, including an external hammer and a slide mounted ambidextrous safety.

Walther P22 holster models

Currently, the P22 is available in 3 models:

  • Standard P22 – Uses a 3.4 inch barrel
  • P22 Target – Features a 5” barrel with weight compensator
  • P22CA – The California compliant version of the P22 with a 3.4” barrel and non-threaded barrel

The success of the P22 led Walther to expand it’s P22 offering to include P22 frames available in various colors, including black, Gray, carbon fiber, assorted variations of pink, olive drab, and nickel. This has proven to be a success for Walther as the pink adaptation has led to the P22 being popular as an introduction to pistol shooting model for children and young teens.

From an operational standpoint, the P22 utilizes a traditional blowback design and integrated magazine disconnect safety. The magazine disconnect safety also works in conjunction with the existing manual safety on the slide. In addition to the external safety, the P22 is also equipped with a passive safety that prohibits firing if the weapon is dropped.

The P22 is only rated for what Walther calls “high velocity” 22LR ammo, and won’t function properly with any 22 ammo that is slower such as sub-sonic ammo. Since the barrel on most all P22 models is already threaded (the lone exception being the CA complaint model), it’s a popular host weapon for a 22 suppressor. For optimal noise reduction, most 22 silencer brands recommend using sub-sonic ammo, but that becomes an issue with the P22.

Since the P22 is chambered for 22LR and it tends to be the less expensive to shoot compared to centerfire pistol rounds and it basically functions the same as a standard Walther P99, some use the P22 as a training weapon in lieu of the P99.

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding the Walther P22:

#1 – I see you offer holsters for the standard Walther P22, but what about the Target model?

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t offer any holster options for the Walther P22 Target model with the 5” barrel.

#2 – Can you recommend a good belt holster for my Walther P22?

Our experience has been that the most popular sellers for the Walther P22 have been the Don Hume JIT Slide and the MTR Custom Belt Slide holster.

#3 – Do you offer any holsters made to fit the Walther P22 with a factory Walther laser?

Yes we do. Most any of the MTR holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the Walther P22 carrying a factory Walther laser.

#4 – Do you carry anything to fit a P22 with an attached silencer?

Sorry, but we don’t at this time.

#5 – I understand that the P22 isn’t really designed for CCW, but do you have any concealed carry holsters for it?

Yes, we carry a number of IWB holsters that would be considered concealed carry holsters. All those options can be seen below.

All the holster models listed below are available in a a version to fit the Walther P22.

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