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Walther P99 Gen 1

The Walther P99 was introduced to the market on 1996, and was designed to target law enforcement, military forces, and the civilian shooting market. The P99 incorporates some design and functionality elements from both the Walther P5, and the Walther P88.

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Walther P99 Gen 1 Walther P99 Gen 2


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The P99 is recoil operated, locked breech platform that uses a Browning style cam-lock system similar to that found on the Browning High Power. The pistol uses a fiber-glass reinforced polymer frame and uses an internal striker instead of an external hammer.

The P99 series went through a number of changes throughout its life, and it’s still in production at Walther today. As a result of those changes, there are 1st and 2nd generation versions of the P99. Models produced from 1996 to 2003, are considered 1st generations models, while models made from 2004 to present are considered 2nd generation models.

The 1st generation Walther P99 was somewhat ahead of its time in terms of ergonomics as it was one of the first pistol models to offer interchangeable backstraps in a Small, Medium, and Large configuration. This design allows the grip to be semi customized to fit a shooters hand. The 1st and 2nd Gen versions of the P99 also have a Tenifer finish. This is a nitriding process and the result is a very durable finish. If the Tenifer finish sounds familiar, it is also the standard finish on all Glock pistols.

When the 1st generation P99 was first introduced, it was only available in a 9mm caliber. Walther added the S&W .40 caliber as an option in 1998. The 1st generation P99 was only available in one of those two calibers, and was offered with a standard DA/SA trigger. Walther later introduced the P99 in a DAO (Double Action Only). The 1st Gen P99 was also the first handgun on the market to offer what is now commonly known as “second strike capability”. If the trigger is pulled and the round fails to detonate (for whatever reason), the trigger resets and can be pulled again.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions regarding holsters for the 1st generation Walther P99:

#1 – I’ve heard that the 1st gen P99 and the Smith & Wesson 99 are the same pistol and will fit the same holster? Is that true?

No, that’s not correct. While the SW99 was produced as a joint venture between S&W and Walther, the SW99 and the 1st gen (or 2nd gen for that matter) P99 are NOT the same pistol. While they share some design and operational functionality, and may look similar; they are not the same and will not fit into the same holster. The SW99 has a more rounded trigger guard as compared to the square trigger guard of the P99.

#2 – I have a Gen 2 P99 and am having a hard time finding a holster for it. Do offer anything to fit a Gen 2 P99?

Yes, we carry some holster models specifically designed to fit the Gen 2 Walther P99, and those can be seen by following this link: Walther P99 Gen 2 holsters.

#3 – I have a 1nd generation Walther P99 with an older Walther made laser on it? Do you offer any holsters to fit this model with this laser?

Sorry but we don’t carry any holster makers who fit for the 1st generation Walther P99 with any lights or lasers mounted.

#4 – Will a Gen 1 P99 fit in a holster made for a Gen 2 model, or does the Gen 1 require a holster made specifically for a Gen 1 version?

Due to the rail system on the Gen 1 P99 models, they won’t fit in a holster made for a Gen P99. The Gen 1 models really require a holster that is specifically molded to fit a Gen 1 P99.

Any of the holster models listed below are available in a version to fit a 1st generation Walther P99.

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