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Walther PK380 with Factory Laser

When Walther introduced the PK380 with a laser option from the factory, it became an instant success. Given the increasing popularity of lasers, it was only a matter of time before Walther joined that party with the PK380 series.


The only complaint that seems to have been referenced around the internet centered around the intensity of the laser. Some have complained that the red laser is dim and hard to see in bright daylight.

It’s important to note that the PK380 has a picatinny rail so, in theory, it can accept other lasers that fit a standard picatinny rail. This write-up centers around the Walther laser that is offered both with and as an option for the PK380.

The PK380 with laser has been a favorite of women for home defense and CCW as the pistol is easy to shoot and the laser allows for quick target acquisition.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions that we see surrounding the PK380 with a laser:

#1 – I’m looking for an outside the waistband holster that is easy to get on and off for the PK380 with a laser. Any suggestions?

Check out the MTR Paddle holster and the MTR Deluxe Fullsize Quicksnap holster. Either of those would be a possible option for your needs.

#2 – If I get a holster for my PK380 with a laser and decide to remove the laser, will the holster still fit just the pistol?

Our experience has been that the PK380 without the laser will fit in the holster but it may shift around some.

#3 – Do you offer an IWB holster to fit the PK380 with the Walther laser?

If you scroll down to the holsters listed on this page below, there are a few excellent IWB options for that pistol.

#4 - I have a regular PK380 without the laser. Do you offer holsters to fit that pistol without the laser?

Yes, we do and those holster choices can be seen here: Walther PK380 holsters.

Any holster listed down below is available in a fit for the Walther PK380 with a laser.

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