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Walther PPS

The Walther brand of handguns has long been known for high quality weapons, the Walther PPS is no exception. The PPS name actually stands for Polizei-Pistole Schmal in German, which basically translates to Police Pistol Slim. Although the design is based more on the Walther P99 model, the PPS dimensions are closer in size to the Walther PPK. Many in the shooting industry consider the PPS an upgraded and single stack version of the larger Walther P99.

walther PPS holster

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First coming on the market in 2007, the PPS was created to target the growing concealed carry market. Initially, released in a 9mm caliber, the more powerful .40 caliber S&W round was added in 2008. Both calibers come with magazines that are known as either small, medium, or large. In the 9mm chambering, the “small” magazine allows for a round count of 6+1, while the “medium” magazine includes an extended floor plate that gets the capacity up to 7+1. The “large” magazine adds a floor plate with +2, pushing the capacity up to 8+1. In the .40 caliber version, the “small” magazine equals a round count of 5+1, while “medium” gets it to 6+1, and the “large” tops out at 7+1. The magazines are a high quality OEM product made by Mec-Gar for Walther.

From a dimensions perspective, the PPS weighs between 19.4 ounces (9mm version) and 19.8 ounces (.40 caliber version) with a total width (including controls) of 1.1 inch. Compared to the slightly smaller Walther PPK, which weighs 23 ounces, it’s not difficult to see how the PPS makes for an excellent CCW option.

As part of the planned improvements over the P99, the PPS features 3 different safety mechanisms built in:

  • Trigger safety – Like the Glock line of pistols, the PPS uses a dual trigger set-up that requires both triggers to be pulled in unison for the trigger to pull.
  • Internal firing pin safety - The trigger must be depressed in order for the weapon to fire.
  • “QuickSafe” feature – If the backstrap of the PPS is removed for storage or for safety reasons, the pistol cannot fire.

By default, the PPS line of pistols does not utlize a magazine disconnect feature, which means the weapon will fire a round in the chamber even if the magazine is not inserted. For states or countries that might require that additional level of safety, Walther offers a version of the PPS with an active magazine disconnect feature.

Prior to 2012, the PPS models were imported from Walther into the US by S&W, but Walther has now established a US based distribution center so they are imported directly from Walther.

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding Walther PPS holsters:

#1 - I've seen information in some gun forums that the the PPS will fit in a holster made for the Walther PPK or PPK/S? Is this true?

While the PPS is a similar size compared to the PPK or PPK/s model, the actual dimensions for the PPS are much different. As such, the PPS won't fit in a holster made for the PPK, and requires it's own unique holster.

#2 - Will the PPS fit in a holster made for the Walther P99?

Since the P99 is much larger pistol compared to the PPS, it might "fit" in general, but it won't be a good, snug fit like you are probably used to seeing with other holsters. Due to it's unique size and frame, the PPS needs it's own holster.

#3 - I have one of the new Walther PPS M2 models. Will an M2 version fit in a holster made for the standard PPS?

Unfortunately, it won't. The M2 has different dimensions so it requires a holster made specifically for it. If you are looking for a holster to fit the M2 version, go here: Walther PPS M2 Holsters.

Holsters shown below are available in a Walther PPS holster version that is specifically made to fit the Walther PPS handgun.

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