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Wilson Combat EDC X9

Although Wilson Combat is best known for their line of custom 1911’s, AR’s, and shotguns, their newest entry into the concealed carry market, the Wilson Combat XDC X9, is turning heads. Although Bill Wilson is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the business these days, he left his fingerprints all over the EDC X9. Rumor has it; Wilson Combat started working on the EDC X9 project in March of 2015 and finally completed it in early 2017. Rumor also has it that Wilson ran thousands of rounds through three prototype X9 models and made tweaks until Bill Wilson himself was ready to put his name on it.

Wilson Combat EDC X9 Holsters

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The EDC X9 is a high capacity 9mm loosely built on a 1911 type action and frame that is designed specifically for concealed carry. The EDC name stands for “Every Day Carry”, and the X9 lives up to the name. However, it is important to be clear that the X9 is not just a 1911 in 9mm caliber. It incorporates a number of popular features from the 1911 series, such the 1911 trigger, 1911-style thumb safety, but also has some features that are typically found on high capacity polymer models like the Glock 19.

The EDC X9 is built on a modified aluminum 4” 1911 frame that is mated to a stainless steel slide and stainless steel match grade barrel. As mentioned before, the frame is a highly modified one that does not have a grip safety, and has a slightly different grip angle compared to a traditional 1911 frame. Like all Wilson Combat models, the X9 has no plastic, stamped, or MIM manufactured parts. The slide is finished in Wilson Combat’s proprietary Armor-Tuff cera-kote finish, which offers a very durable, yet attractive finish.

The EDC X9 is chambered in 9mm, and features a double stack 15 round magazine. Normally, when you have a double stack 1911 design, the grip is noticeably wider than a single stack 1911 design. However, that’s not the case with the EDC X9. Believe it or not, the double stack grip on the XD9 is the width as most single stack 1911 models, and is actually thinner than some single stack models with thicker grips. It is a testament to the attention to detail that Wilson Combat put into the design.

From a size perspective, the EDC X9 is very similar in size to most compact polymer pistols on the market. Most people use the ultra popular Glock 19 as a comparison standpoint for “compact” pistols. The X9 is only 6 ounces heavier than the polymer frame G19, and features the same 16 round capacity of the 19. The X9 also features a rounded butt versus the traditional square butt you see on most 1911 frames.

Currently the EDC X9 is only available in 9mm with two models:

#1 – The standard X9

#2 – The X9 with a rail

With an MSRP of $2895, the Wilson EDC X9 is not going to be an option for everyone. However, if you love the 1911 design and are looking for a fabulous CCW pistol, then the X9 might be for you.

Here are some of the more common questions that we’ve seen so far regarding Wilson Combat EDC X9 holsters:

#1 – I have the non-railed X9 and people online are reporting that it will fit in a holster made for a standard 4” 1911. Is that true?

Well the EDC X9 is built on a highly modified 4” frame so it doesn’t have the exact dimensions as most 4” 1911 models. We have test fit an X9 in a holster for the 4 ¼” Colt Commander, and, honestly, the fit wasn’t great. It almost looks as though the slide on the X9 is slightly thinner than most Commander sized 1911 models. Luckily, we can offer holsters that are actually molded on a Wilson Combat X9 frame, so the fit is exact.

#2 – I saw something in a forum saying that the X9 was a perfect fit in holster made for the Springfield EMP 4 inch?

The Springfield EMP is also built on a modified 1911 frame as well, but it has different dimensions compared to the EDC X9. We also didn’t find that the X9 fit the EMP 4” holster very well.

#3 – I have the Wilson Combat EDC X9 with a rail. Do you have a holster to fit that version?

Yes, we can offer holsters specifically made to fit the EDC X9 with a rail, and those can be seen below.

#4 – Can you offer a holster for the X9 that has a thumb break?

Yes, a number of the holster models listed below are available with an optional thumb break. However, it is important to realize that the X9 is single action gun so the thumb breaks are specifically designed to be snapped closed with the hammer of the X9 in the cocked and locked position (hammer cocked).

#5 – I have a railed X9 with a Streamlight TLR-3 mounted to it. Do you have a holster to fit it?

Most any of the holsters listed below are available in a version to fit the EDC X9 with a number of popular lights (or lasers) mounted to it. We can support a holster for the X9 with a mounted TLR-3.

Any of the holsters list below are available in a Wilson Combat EDC X9 holster fit.

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