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Kahr CW380

The success of the Kahr P380 pistol series led Kahr Arms to introduce a more budget-friendly .380 micro-compact pistol variant called the CW380 in 2013. Before we get into details about the different Kahr P380 holster options, here’s a little more information on the CW380.

Kahr CW380 stainless steel

While the P380 model was a good seller for Kahr, it was on the higher end of the budget compared to other .380 pocket guns on the market. The idea behind the CW380 was to offer a more affordable version of the P380 without cutting corners on quality and reliability.

The CW380 model is modeled on the Kahr P380 pistol and looks almost identical to the P380 in every way, except for the slide markings. The CW380 has nearly the same dimensions as the P380, including overall weight and length.

Here is where the CW380 and the P380 differ:

  • The CW380 features a conventional rifled barrel versus the match-grade polygonal barrel on the P380.
  • The slide stop lever on the CW380 is metal injection molded (MIM) versus a machined metal slide stop on the P380.
  • The slide engraving on the CW380 uses simple engraving versus the roll marking found on the more expensive P380.
  • The CW380 comes from the factory with one six-round magazine versus the P380 coming with two six-round magazines.

Like the P380, the CW380 is also a striker-fired, double-action-only handgun. Operationally, the CW variant functions just like the P380 pistol, including the outstanding factory trigger. The CW also features a slide lock for the last round (like the P380), which is a feature that can be lacking on budget-friendly micro 380 handguns.

Currently, the CW380 is offered in two different configurations:

  • Black polymer frame with a stainless steel slide
  • Black polymer from with a stainless steel and front night sight

Kahr has previously offered this CW pistol in other color variants, including a burnt bronze version, matte black version, and a limited edition model with gold Cerakote.

kahr cw380 holster options

From a holster standpoint, the CW380 is an ideal concealed carry pistol and works exceptionally well carried in an IWB (inside the waistband) or OWB (outside the waistband) holster. The CW pistol is also very popular as a pocket gun, riding in a front pocket holster.

Our top-selling holsters for the CW380 are (in no particular order):

MTR Custom Front Pocket Holster

Don Hume H715M W/C Clip-on IWB Holster

Don Hume JIT Slide Holster

MTR Custom Adversary IWB Holster


Will a Kahr CW380 fit into a holster made for the Kahr P380?

While these two pistols are not 100% identical, they are close enough in dimensions and frame size that a CW380 will fit into a holster made for a P380. The only exception to that rule would be using a CW380 with a laser mounted in a Kahr P380 holster made for the P380 pistol only.

Do you offer any magazine carriers for the Kahr CW380?

Any of the magazine carriers that we have listed below are available in a version to fit the CW380 magazines (which are the same magazines used for the P380).

What is the best Kahr CW380 pocket holster that you have?

While we carry a few different front and rear pocket holster models made for the CW380, the most popular pocket holster we sell for the Kahr CW380 is this one: MTR Custom Front Pocket Holster.

I’m trying to find a Kahr CW380 ankle holster? Or an ankle holster that will fit the CW380?

Our most best-selling ankle holster for the CW380 is this one: Don Hume H760 Ankle Holster.

Do you have a holster to fit a CW380 with a laser? I have a CW380 with the Armalser TR19 laser mounted. (H4)

Any of the MTR Custom holster models shown below are available in a version to fit a CW380 with the Armalaser TR19 or TR19G (Green laser version) attached. Those same holster models are available in a version to fit the CW380 with a Crimson Trace LG-443 laser mounted.

While the images below only show examples of various holsters, any of the holster models listed below are available in a version to fit a Kahr CW380 .380 pistol.