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Glock 19, 23, 32

Glock 19 – The popularity of the Glock 17 series led Glock to introduce the Glock 19 in 1988. Designed as a scaled down version of the larger G-17, the G-19 frame is about half an inch shorter. Like the G-17, the Glock 19 is chambered for the 9mm, but uses a smaller 15 round magazine. Although the G-17 series was released to the market first and ranks as Glock’s most popular model to date, the slightly more compact Glock 19 is very close to overtaking the G-17 in terms of international popularity.

Glock 23 – Glock’s faith in the S&W .40 caliber round prompted them to introduce the Glock 23 model in 1990. Like its cousin, the Glock 22, the G-23 was also chambered in the potent .40 caliber round, but utilized a smaller 13 round magazine. The larger magazine from the G-22 will also work in the G-23. The G-23 was successful right out of the gate and gained quite a following in the law enforcement and civilian market.

Glock 32 – Like its larger Glock 31 cousin, the Glock 32 was released in 1994 as well. Chambered in the .357 Sig caliber, the G-32 was built on a G-19 frame and utilized a standard magazine carrying 13 rounds. The G-32 will accept magazines from the larger Glock 31 as well.

Like most of the other Glock pistol families, each of the Glock weapons listed above utilizes a frame and slide so close in dimensions that they will all fit into a holster built for the Glock 19. Any holster built for the G-19 will also fit the G-23 and G-32 series. Like the larger G-17 series, the similar frame size of this family is why you commonly see them listed together for holster purposes.

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