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Glock 22

The Glock 22 is a “full size” Glock handgun chambered in .40 S&W that was introduced in 1990. Although S&W was working with the FBI and Winchester to patent the round, Glock was able to beat S&W to the market when they introduced the Glock 22 in early 1990.

The success of the Glock 17 led Glock to build the G22 model on the full-size G17 frame. While the frame internals, slide, and barrel are slightly different from the Glock 17 parts to accommodate the increased power of the .40 S&W caliber, dimensionally the Glock 22 is the same size as the Glock 17. The Glock 22 features operational controls (mag release, slide release, trigger operation, etc.) identical to the Glock 17 series.

Glock 22 Holster Options

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The .40 S&W caliber became very popular with law enforcement (although it never caught on the US military), so the Glock 22 model was widely adopted for use by various US law enforcement agencies. At one point in time, even the FBI issued the Glock 22 as a duty weapon, until they move down the smaller sized Glock 23 later. The G22 was issued as a duty weapon for the DEA and U.S. Marshal’s Service.

Typically, handgun manufacturers see a trickle-down effect because when a particular handgun model is adopted by law enforcement, that same model sees a pick-up in civilian sales. This was true for the Glock 22 and it was very successful in the civilian market as well.

The more powerful .40 S&W cartridges are larger than the 9mm cartridges for the Glock 17, so the Glock 23 standard magazine capacity is reduced to 15 rounds compared to the 17 rounds in the Glock 17. Currently the Glock 22 is available with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds (for magazine restrictive states), 15 rounds (the standard flush mounted magazines), or a 17-round version with an extension on it.

Like most all the Glock models of handguns, the Glock 22 has been through a number of versions called “Generations”. Currently, the G22 is on its 5th Generation model. All the Glock 22 models feature a picatinny rail that will fit most tactical tools such as a light or laser.

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding Glock 22 holster models:

I’ve read that the Glock 17 and the Glock 22 are different calibers but are also the same size? How can they be different calibers but be the same size?

While you are correct that the Glock 22 chambered in .40 S&W is a larger caliber than the Glock 17 in 9mm, Glock engineers were smart enough to make the modified frame, slide, and barrel on the G22 the same size as the Glock 17. If Glock had made the G22 larger than the G17, then it would have run into issues with aftermarket products such as triggers, sights, etc. So, as far as holsters go, the Glock 17 and the Glock 22 are the same size handgun.

I have a Glock 22 Gen 4 and want to make sure that I get a Glock 22 gen 4 holster? What do you have that might work?

Although each of the different Glock generations on the Glock 22 does involve small changes or upgrades, none of the changes impacts the frame size or dimensions. As a result, the different generations all fit into the same holster. So, a Glock 22 Gen 2 fits in the same holster made for the Glock 22 Gen 4 model. That’s why we don’t advertise holsters made specifically for each generation of the Glock 22. You're Gen 4 G17 doesn't really need a specific Glock 17 gen 4 holster for it.Do you

Do you offer a Glock 22 holster with Streamlight TLR 1 mounted?

We can offer holsters through MTR to fit the Glock 22 with a Streamlight TLR 1 mounted. Any of the MTR Custom holster models listed below, are available in a version to fit the Glock 22 in any generation with most of the popular light models (Surefire, Streamlight, etc.) attached. If you want to see what lights or lasers that we can support, go to any MTR holster that we carry, and look at all the options listed under the “Lights or Lasers” drop-down.

I'm in the market for a glock 22 inside the waistband holster. Where do I go to see those on your site?

Any of the inside the waistband holsters listed on this page below are available in a version to fit the Glock 22.

I’m looking for a Level 2 security holster for my Glock 22, but can’t find any on your site?

So, before we answer that question, it’s important to be clear on the definitions of exactly what the different security levels mean. It’s also important to understand that security levels are normally associated with law enforcement holsters and their retention levels.

  • Level 1 – A level 1 security holster has one (1) retention device built into the holster. Now that retention device can be either a thumb break (retention strap) or with a paddle lock like the Blackhawk Serpa series.
  • Level 2 – A level 2 security holster has two (2) security devices for retention. Those models are typically law enforcement only models.
  • Level 3 – A level 3 security holster has three (3) security devices for retention. Typically, this style of holster is also law enforcement only as well.

We can offer CCW holsters with a level 1 retention device for most any handgun, including the Glock 22.

You guys specialize in gun holsters so can you point me to the best Glock 22 holster?

As everyone has different holsters needs, it's really hard to identity a "best Glock 22 holster". Ideally, you want to figure out the best holster that works for your specific needs as there really isn't a one size fits all best G22 holster.

I’m looking for an inside the waistband holster with thumb break to fit my Glock 22 with a Surefire TLR-2 HL?

Any of following MTR IWB models listed below are available in a version to fit a Glock 22 with a Surefire TLR-2 HL mounted to it:




I’ve got a G22 and I had the slide milled out for an RMR sight. Do you have a holster for a Glock 22 with a Leupold Deltapoint sight mounted on it?

We can support a holster for a Glock 22 with an RMR sight mounted through MTR Custom. You would need to order the option for an RMR sight cutaway to accommodate the RMR sight you have mounted on the G22.

Do you have an AIWB holster for my Glock 22?

The most popular IWB models that we carry for AIWB are these:




I landed on this page about Glock 22 holsters, but I'm actually looking for a holster for a Glock 17?

To see all the G17 holsters we carry, follow this link: Glock 17 Holsters

Do you offer a Glock 22 holster with a light?

Any of the MTR Custom holster models listed below are available in a configuration as a Glock 22 holster with a light. MTR can support a number of the more popular light models, such as the Streamlight series, the Surefire series, and the Glock light series.

Where can I find a glock 22 magazine holster on your web site?

Any of the mag carrier or magazine holsters listed below are available in a version to fit the Glock 22 magazines. If you don;t see any you like below, try visiting our magazine holsters page here: https://www.gunnersalley.com/magazine-carriers/

I’m a little confused about the holsters listed on this page? They are advertised to fit a Glock 22, but I don’t see a Glock 22 in any of the pictures and none of the holsters that are shown look like they are made to fit a Glock 22?

We certainly understand your concerns. However, the pictures shown for the holsters are just example pictures so you can get an idea of what the holster looks like. If you order a holster for the Glock 22 off this page, it will be made specific to fit the Glock 22.

All the holsters listed below are available in a version to fit a Glock 22.

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